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The Transamerica Building was designed and built in 1969-1972 by William Pereira & Associates. This is the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco. The Transamerica Pyramid dominates San Francisco views not by its height, but rather by its shape. Some people call it a giant spider because of its base, but I'd rather call it a giant tree. One of many growing to the California sky - a grove of redwoods around the building is the favorite place to have lunch.

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Redwood Roots of the Pyramid
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View west from Pier 7.
View at the Pyramid from San Francisco Pier 7

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View from Maritime Plaza.
The Transamerica Pyramid.
Transamerica Pyramid

From Merchant Street - a giant tree.
Pyramid top

The base of the Pyramid - the roots of this giant tree.
Pyramid Roots

Redwood Park.
Right at the base of the Pyramid. A wonderful place to have lunch. There are several small restaurants nearby. If you go to the right, you will get into the oldest San Francisco business district - Jackson Square. A walk around these little streets is lovely.
Redwood Park. Base of the San Francisco Transamerica pyramid

Frogs in Redwood Park.
The Pyramid, like a giant tree, nurtures and protects everything underneath. Its crown and roots allow maximum sunlight and create a lot of space and pleasant atmosphere below. An amazing example of nature-friendly architecture.
Frogs in Redwood Park at the base of the Pyramid

The Pyramid, Columbus Tower, Columbus Street.
Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs abound around the Pyramid. Just follow Columbus Street north. At the intersection of Columbus and Broadway Street you'll find a hub of San Francisco's night life.
Look how the building grows up from the planet Earth. The needle spire gives off a warm yellow glow at night.
Columbus Street

Leidesdorff Street.
A small street in between the skyscrapers. A great place to spend one's lunchtime.
TransAmerica Pyramid picture from Leidesdorff Street

Northern end of Montgomery Street.
Yes, this is Montgomery Street. Can not recognize? Go down, cross Broadway and you will reach the Pyramid from here. Coit tower and the famous Dalla Torre and Julius Castle restaurants are nearby.
Montgomery Street

The view from Coit Tower.
A view from Coit Tower at downtown San Francisco

Aquatic Park view.
The modern City skyline and the old Balclutha sailing-ship at Hyde Street Pier. This ship was launched in 1886.
Hyde Street Pier

A magnificent view from the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.
The Pyramid ( on the left ) and the Bank of America buildings define the contours of downtown San Francisco.
San Francisco

Construction facts

Height is 853 - ft (256-m);
48-story building;
3,678 windows;
Gross floor area is about 530,000 ft (49,000 m);
18 elevators;
excavation depth is 52 ft.


Mailing address:
600 Montgomery street,
San Francisco, CA 94111,

The building is located at the intersection of Montgomery Street, Washington Street, and Columbus Avenue. Take a walk from the BART Montgomery station along Montgomery Street. The No. 41 bus will take you from the Ferry Building right to the base of the Pyramid. Check it before you go with

For driving directions go to the this page. It is not about the Pyramid, but the location is presented very well. This area access/Location map had driving directions from all importang transportation systems.

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