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That is where financial district has started. A way from Hotaling Street and Gold Street to TransAmerica Pyramid in a hundred years.

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If you came here from the index or tour pages, you are standing at Washington Street near Kenneth Charles restaurant. Transamerica Pyramid is right behind us. Turn left to see it.

If you move forward along Hotaling Street you get into Jackson Street. If you turn right, you will get into tiny Balance Street. It gets to Gold Street. Exit to the right, and you are at Sansome Street. The Barbary Coast Trail plaque is at your feet. If you continue this way, you will get to Walton Square. Globe restaurant is at Battery and Pacific. If you turn right to Gold Street, you will walk along to Montgomery Street where it is still small. You pass Bix restaurant on your way. It is located at 56 Gold Street. This building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. From Montgomery you can turn left and get to Jackson again and then get back to the pyramid.

Our Transamerica Pyramid page is here.

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