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November 16, 2005; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

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There is a long road yet to truly intellectual robots. On their way we have to investigate every corner. Is that why there are so many designs are present here? There are two extremes in robot definitions: robot is a machine, and robot is a personality. Humans incline toward personalities. They want friends, they want somebody they can talk to, pet, take care of. In this sense, since we project our own personalities on things, a toy robot might be more of a robot than a military machine. The third definition of robots - extending human abilities may lead to biological-like symbiosis in future.
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What is a robot?


"A human assistant that is always "On" and friendly and willing to help"
Alex Kuznetsov, Robot Investments

"An autonomous machine "animal" that has an electronic brain, transducers for nerves, and a video camera for eyes. Unfortunately, some robots are built blind and without some of the basic senses"
Andrew Swanson, KISS Institute, my robot name is BotBall

"A robot is a specialized machine that is capable of being remotely controlled or operated autonomously. It can be programmed and equipped with various accessories in order to accomplish its intended task. Robots are often designed to perform a chore more efficiently than a human can, or to do something a human is incapable of."
Andy Cho, age 16, AMHS Robotics

"The dictionary definition of a robot is a machine designed to perform repetitive or mundane tasks. There are several other definitions that talk about humanoid appearance with machine brains and autonomous devices like the Mars Rover. For me personally, a robot is a fun device that you can use to teach young people and hobbyists the basics of electronics, mechanics, and computer programming."
Andy Lindsay, Parallax, Inc.

"A robot is an autonomous system that is designed to either do something useful ( i.e. not kill people :) ). Historically, the word robot came from the 1920 Karel Capek play called "Rossum's Universal Robots" ( R.U.R.). In that play, a robot is a worker."
Bart, Berkeley, EECS

"An autonomous companion"
Bob Allen, OLogic, Inc.

"A robot is a computer controlled machine with both inputs and outputs"
Camp Peavy, Homebrewed Robots

"When I think of a robot, I think of a device created by humans which can react to its environment without external input"
Cody Lodrige, age 14

"A mechanical device designed to perform a physical task of some kind"
Chirs Baron, Bot Hockey

"Not what most people think. Robots are programmable machines, typically used to do things people typically can't or don't want to do. There are tens of thousands of robots used in hundreds of industries today"
Dave Cary, Animatics

"A robot is an unmanned device that performs dull, dirty, and dangerous operations"
Eric Fleming, Segway LLS

"This term is very widely used in many ways today. But a purist definition would be: "A machine which is capable of interacting, providing service either physically or intellectually, or entertaining people without guidance externally, show a level of intelligence, and capable of handling unforeseen circumstances""
Erik Hagman, Rogue Robotics

"A robot is a machine that replicates human movement and intelligence"
Fred R. Barton, Fred Barton Productions, Inc.

"Very difficult question. In my mind robot is a general and encompassing term similar to the word 'animal'. Like animal, it describes a class of devices that have related characteristics, in this case:
1. Electromechanical;
2. Some type of mobility (autonomous);
3. Some method of interacting with the physical environment;
4. Other characteristics apply."
Gary Thompson, Sun Microsystems, Java.Net

"A robot is an electro-mechanical device created to do "work" or provide humans with entertainment"
Glen Merritt, Hitec Robotics

"A machine or device that bring virtual reality to reality"
Gordon Bergfors, ShopBot Tools, Inc.

"A robot is an autonomous device that uses feedback to behave and possibly interact with its environment"
Jill Rogers, Iguana Robotics

"A  robot is a mobile sensory device that interacts with its environment. It may augment and enhance human capabilities or it may display complete autonomy"
Jim Wright, Sun Microsystems

"A robot is a human dream. Same as why you have a mountain - to climb"
Jin Sato, Pirkus Robotics, Inc.

"Mechatronic interface between Human and Task/Environment, so that Human can stay comfortably far from 3D ( Difficult, Dangerous, Dirty)"
Jinoh Kim, Robots and Desing Co.

"If you mean "mobile robot", then it is a device which can interact with the environment in a useful way"
John, SwopeDesigns, Inc.

"3 parts to a good robot: perception, intelligence, action. All put together in an easy to use package"
Ken Loewenthal, Advanced Micro Robotics, LLS

"To me a robot is an electromechanical system of systems to function as a base entity to perform "autonomously" tasks, by which it is "the device" to simulate human characteristics."
Larry Simpson, MechFoundry

"Any combination of electronics, hardware, software ( not necessarily in that order ) that when assembled and programmed perform a series of pre-determined actions for completion of task based or environment assignments"
Lisa Gunner, WowWee Ltd.

"A robot is a robot no matter how small. It's still a robot even it's tall"
Liza Baron, age 14, Bot Hockey

"A robot is a machine designed to replicate a human performing tasks for one or more of the following  benefits:
1. Increased speed, accuracy and/or efficiency;
2. Economic gain;
3. Increased precision in reproduction;
4. Replacing the need to perform undesired work"
Matt Trossen, Phidgets USA

"A robot is a device that is capable of sensing certain things in its environment and can make decisions or alter its behavior based on what it senses. A robot typically has moving parts and is a combination of electrical, mechanical, and computer systems"
Matt Vestal, Mobile Robots

"A robot is a machine that can perceive its environment, think about what it saw and what it is supposed to do, and then take an action. The iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot is an example"
Parna Sarkar, iRobot Corp.

"A robot is not what you see in the movies. It will not automatically kill humans once it can think. It is a machine with the potential to be a great boon to humanity. It is a machine that can be used for good or bad depending on its human master. It can be used in the future for dangerous work such as search and rescue, mining, and exploration - it is an extension of our ability to dream and I have no fear of it"
Paul Chavez, Robotoys

"A robot is a machine, whether autonomous or teleoperated, that performs a specific task while interoperating within its environment"
Randy Hootman, Homebrewed Robots

"A robot is a mechanical creation that performs one or more tasks - be they  useful, as a washing machine, or inane, as a dancing gecko"
Robert Balicki, age 17, Lynbrook Robotics


"Its a computer with artificial intelligence and self mobility. It is going to be a next personal electric gadget. That is like a cell phone"
Teruo Sasaki, City of Osaka

"A member of a family in future. Robots will be cooler and more intelligent, so that they can be our good friends. Now, robot is the most exciting field to work on"
Tomotaka Takahashi, Robo-Garage

"A robot perceives, decides, and acts on the environment. A robot can take any form from neuromorphic one to an android"
Tony Lewis, Iguana Robotics, Inc.

"A robot is an autonomous, meaning no human intervention. The other thing is that a robot contains motors or activators, or something"
Tony Pratkanis, age 14,

"Robot is an automated programmable and re-programmable device that is developed to perform work:
- Human assistance ( elder care);
- Military applications;
- Home land security;
- Space applications"
Walter Weisel, Innova Robotics, Inc.

"Friends who makes me happier, also sometimes sad or angry and move on together"
Yoshiko Ogura, E-Motion



"Why do you think technology is important to learn at schools?"

"Technology is so important in schools at all levels of learning so we do not become an uniformed society that is unable to create, build, and teach"
Sue Terry, Electronic School Supply, Inc.




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San JoseTake a photo tour of San Jose


RobotNexus 2005RoboNexus 2005 exhibition in October 2005 was held in San Jose Convention Center located in the beautiful downtown of San Jose - San Francisco Bay Area hub of high tech with definite touch of spanish architecture. Here is the virtual tour of the event. Click on a picture will start the tour from that place.

iRobotiRobot Corporation, a founding sponsor of the event, presented its famous iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot and an important military robot, the iRobot PackBot .
Robotic ArmAnother major sponsor, Innova Holdings have shown a unique software robotic control system, and mobil robotic platforms for homeland security.
NASA at RoboNexusNASA Robotics Alliance Project.
yellow robotsHitec RCD USA presented new robots which can "walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves" in a group.


Japanese Robot Chroino Japanese Robot VisiON Japanese Robotic ToyJapan was presented by JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization. These Japanese robots are so cute!




Mobil RobotsMobil Robots
PhidgetsPhidgets, a division of Trossen Innovations LLS - PC-based robotics, sensors, components.
Segway Human TransporterSegway with its new Robotic Mobility Platform. Its famous Human Transporter even have a police version now!
Fred Barton Robots Fred Barton, author of "Robby the Robot" ( Trademark of Turner Entertainment Co., a Time Warner Company) and other robots.
Children and Robotic toys - Iguana RoboticsIguana Robotics brought simple micro-robots which are felt like animals.
Children and robo-toys Robots and Design Co., Ltd. Robot manufacturers. They make toys too. Are they smallest robots?
KISS, Andrew KISS Institute for Practical Robotics - a non-profit community-based organization.
Robo GamesRoboGames and Robotics Society of America were presented widely. These fighting robots are small, but the engagement is deadly.
Jin Sato presenting his robotsWalking robots. Like alive.
Home Brewed RobotsRobots large, robots small, robots everywhere..
Robot-giraffeRobot-giraffe. Do you want to want to ride a giraffe?
Hockey RobotsHockey Robots
Robotic CompetitionCompetitions


Other important participants

Parallax, Inc - home of Scribbler robot.
Swope Designs
Swope Designs
ShopBot Tools
ShopBot Tools, Inc
Desktop Robot Arm
Advanced Micro Robotics - Desktop Robot Arm for Windows.
Fischer Technik
FischerTechnik - robot kits allowing a multitude of systems and 3D models.
RoboToys sell Sony AIBO and other cool toys.
Rogue Robotics
Rogue Robotics
Robot Monkey
WowWee - Robosapien, Roboraptor, Robopet.
A-maze-ing Robot
A robot in a maze
Sumo Robots
Sumo Robots
Lego Robots
LEGO Education

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