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February 15, 2006; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

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Hi, I am San Francisco Click

- University of San Francisco is located in the middle of the city surrounded by the beautiful panoramic views and little streets.



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If you want to learn the art of virtual pseudo-stereo photography, let Click know about it - you may be provided with the applet. Click will be more than happy to conduct a series of classes where he will share his interesting experience in this new kind of art.

There is only one tour here. You can enter it from several entry nodes. This tour is circuited, so you can return to the beginning and go around.
Click on a picture below to start the tour from that location (use small images for slow connections):

USF Gleeson LibraryStart at the Main Campus. Move toward Saint Ingatius Church, then proceed to the Gleeson Library, then across Golden Gate Avenue to the stairs to the Lone Mountain.
- small image is for slow connections.

University of San Francisco Lone Mountain CampusLone Mountain campus. Go toward Main Building and around enjoying panoramas of the city. There are two routes around the mountain. At the pictures you will recognize Golden Gate Bridge and the Pyramid.

Golden Gate Bridge view from Lone MountainJump to the panoramas right away.

Stairs at the Lone MountainI took 4 stereo pictures there. Here is the slide show where you can access them one by one. This show is not connected to the main tour. Only large pictures.

Saint MaryOne stereo picture is very special. University of San Francisco is a Jesuit University. Here is a "wiggle" stereo photophraph of Saint Mary at the Loyola House. There is only one large stereo photograph on this page.

- What is the history of Jesuit high education? What university was established first, in what year?
- Who are the most prominent figures graduated from the Jesuit university?
- How many Jesuit universities are in US, what is the most prestigious?
- In what year the USF university was established? By whom? Where was the first campus?
- What is the history of modern USF campus?
- Whom would you like to mention as graduates?
- What would you like to say to our Virtual Tour visitors?

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