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You are on the very top of the hill, in the saddle between twins, in front of the northern peak. Southern peak is behind. Click in the picture. It brings you forward. Take this steep trail stairs up. At the top there is the city and bay view. Now you have two choices: to continue to the observation terrace, or look around the panorama and visit the southern peak... More text below..
Please, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a tour around Twin Peaks and a lot of great views at San Francisco. It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.

[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto

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.. You are on top. The observation terrace is behind the radio station. In the very center of the picture you can see Market Street. Click there! Now you can see all details of the bay and the entire downtown. Market Street stretching out to the sun-drenched Ferry Building. Bay Bridge is on the right. Tallest black building is Bank of America, and TransAmerica Pyramid needle is to the left. Click [Esc] key on the keyboard. It brings you back. Using this key helps you to visit more in this on-line version of San Francisco Interactive Tour.

If you click the area of the radio station, it will bring you forward. If you click on the right side of the photo, you turn right.

If you move forward.. Descend from the peak and come to the observation terrace. Using the same method of interactive navigation you can see:

  • Potrero area. Bay view;
  • Potrero area. Ships in the bay;
  • Downtown Oakland is on the other side of the bay;
  • Area South of Market. Giants Baseball Stadium. Oakland Port;
  • The Basilica, an honorary Church of the Pope, is in the very center. Mission San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores) with its flat red roof is visible to the right, as is the cemetery;
  • South of Market Area. Berkeley is right above the Bay Bridge;
  • Downtown. Market Street;
  • Downtown. Dark building is Bank of America. Transamerica Pyramid. City Hall is in the center;
  • Russian Hill. Futuristic building in the center is new St. Mary's Cathedral. Find Coit Tower here!
  • Corona Heights;
  • Buena Vista Park and adjacent buildings;
  • Alcatraz Island. Green hill is Buena Vista Park;
  • Angel Island view;
  • Wonderful view of University of San Francisco. Bay view;
  • Golden Gate Bridge. The green hill is in the Presidio. The Richmond district is below in the valley;
  • Little streets of San Francisco;
  • Mount Tamalpais. Hawk Hill with Battery Construction N129 is below on the opposite side of the strait. Still lower is the Presidio and a green hill. The Richmond district is in the valley below. In one of the Mount Tamalpais valley Muir Woods is hidden from loggers

When you come back, you can turn around, or take a bike to Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park.

If you turn right.. You can see south-east part of San Francisco. Turn right once more. You can see stairs you came from. San Bruno Mountain is on the horizon. Turn right once more. Southern twin peak is right in front, San Bruno Mountain is on the left. Behind the southern peak - Mount Davidson, 927 feet (about 330 meters) above sea level, the highest hill in San Francisco.

You can jump there, but for now let us continue the panorama tour. Turn right once more. This is the west part of the city. Pacific ocean is in sunlight. Turn right once more. Now you can see a large TV Sutro Tower on top of Mount Sutro. It is very close. Turn right once more. This is view north to the city and the bay. Mount Tamalpais dominates over horizon. Look closer in the center of the photograph. It is Golden Gate Bridge. I just wish you to see the large picture of this. Turn right once more, and you complete the tour.

You can continue forward, or use ESC to come back and jump to the southern peak. There is another panorama there and a lot of close-up pictures: Mount Davidson, San Bruno Mountain with the white lines of streets, better view of Mount Sutro, with typical Sunset-style San Francisco houses.

You can even see San Mateo to the left and behind of San Bruno mountain. Black Mountain is hardly distinguishable from the sky. Diamond Heights residential areas, the Mission area. You can see the view at China Basin, Giants Baseball Stadium which is close to center. Oakland Port is behind the bay.

You can see the perfect view of Downtown and Market Street, Bay Bridge. Can yo see there a tiny tower in the upper right-hand corner? That's U.C. Berkeley. Do not forget to use [Esc] key to come back!

There is an Alcatraz view there, and a view of the northern part of the bay, and more great views of Golden Gate Bridge.

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How to get to Twin Peaks - directions. Take Market street. Go up. After you climbed up, turn right to Twin Peaks Drive. The drive is between Diamond Heights Blvd. to the left and Woodside Ave. on the right. There is enough of parking around, but it is a popular tourist destination.

Twin Peaks were called in Spanish the "Bosom of the Indian Girl". They are well visible from all downtown and Mission areas.


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