Palace of the Legion of Honor

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Located in the Lincoln Park it was designed after the Palais de la Legion d'Honneur in Paris and built between 1920-1924 as a museum by Alma de Bretteville Spreckels. Now it keeps collections of art, hosts visiting exhibitions and concerts. Views around the museum are outstanding.

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We start with a panorama at the museum entrance. Turn around at "Pax Jerusalemme" by Mark di Suvero, 1999. Now you can approach the Palace or walk around it on the left. There is one copy of the Thinker by Rodin in the patio of the museum.

If you turn around, moving forward you can approach the view from the parapet. Municipal golf course is below on the background of the city panorama. You can see St. Ignatius Church on the Jesuit University of San Francisco campus, the Lone Mountain campus, and downtown view with Transamerica Pyramid and Bank of America buildings domination. The round dome close to the center belongs to the Jewish Temple Emanu-El. On the left are the Presidio and the US Marine Corps Hospital.

On the left side there is a way to El Camino del Mar with a view of Golden Gate Bridge. Progressing along San Francisco's El Camino you can see great views on the left: Golden Gate strait from Point Bonita on the left to Point Diablo on the right with Mount Tamalpais in the background, Baker Beach viewed through pines, view of Fort Point, the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island through cypresses, view of Baker Beach and the Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, the golf course and Golden Gate in evening. When Sea Cliff neighborhood is approached, you can turn left to Land's End or continue to Baker Beach.

Let us return to the Pax. Use [Esc] to come back. Approaching the Palace, you san pass it on the left side. It brings you to the little tour around the building. It is nice here. You actually will find that one of the trees "..was planted by Joseph Joffre, Marechal de France, April 7 1922". You can look at the west part of the palace and return to the entrance.

Between El Camino and the Pax there is a little but very impressive Holocaust Memorial. It forms great artistic synergy with the Pax, the Palace and surrounding views.

Ocean Beach is not so far from here south-west.

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