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San Francisco Virtual Walking Tour on CDROM -
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San Francisco tour CD
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San Francisco Virtual Walking Tour. Full version.
3958 high quality 800x600 images.
Version 1.02.03. Published in 2002, Updated in 2006 with Muir Woods and Mission de Asis.
MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP CDROM
Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Java.
Internet connection is NOT required.

A real tour, not just a photo collection: turn right, turn left, go forward.
Visit downtown, Golden Gate Bridge views, Fisherman's Wharf, Cliff House, Muir Woods, Mission Dolores, and much more + auto city guide
Try it: San Francisco, Muir Woods, Mission de Asis
ISBN 0-9740090-0-8 (974009008, 0974009008)

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I'm french so excuse me for the mistakes ! I love this cd, i wasn't sure about the quality when i ordered it but i can say it's fantastic ! It's like if i was in San Francisco, and give me much more courage to save money and take a plane to visit it for reality ! Continue like it and keep my updated !
Benjamin <> Valence, France - Friday, May 13, 2005 at 09:04:49 (CDT)

"I've received it today , brilliant service. The CD is excellent , thank you very much"
Ray Topham,

This is a photo-graphical city guide to explore San Francisco. Inside there is a huge maze of streets, buildings, bridges, parks, monuments - all the major attractions as well as hidden hole-in-the-wall spots. You have 65 entries into this maze. Once there, explore it, there are surprises! Interactive: Turn left, right, around, go forward, go back, close-up - you are in control. You are not inside a virtual world. You are inside the real world presented virtually with 3958 600x800 high-quality photographs. It is like 20 photo albums only much more. Complete with index of tours and photos. No installation required.

"Great CD, needed before I went to SF. But, excellent memories and a great planning guide for my next trip to SF." Tourist Mark - another record from the Guest Book.

Switch your Internet browser to a full screen mode, type s and the program intelligently will guide you around.

Every picture has a short textual explanation. Check out the complete picture index (112K - index only). On CD-ROM you can start the tour from any place as well as to review each individual photo.

That is what you will exclaim when you start the CD for the first time. If not..
No risk
If you are not excited about the CD-ROM you purchased, e-mail us and we will immediately
refund all your money
At any time. No questions asked.

Because, based on our experience, we can predict that..
You are going to be excited!
You are going to share it with your kids,
You are going to talk about it to your friends,
You are going to order more as souvenirs for your loved ones!

This is a unique software never before introduced to the public. This is the software computers are made for!
Made with love for people who share a passion for travel.
Simple, crisp, and breathtaking.

Screen saver?
If you need a rest from clicking, toggle the "auto guide walk" and let the computer intelligently guide you around. It is much more than a screensaver slideshow.
No installation required. Just stick the CDROM into a computer. The program starts itself. Click, click, and here you are. Wouldn't it be nice if all software worked this easily?

Thank you!

San Francisco Tour

San Francisco Virtual Walking Tour. A photo adventure software to explore San Francisco. Includes 3958 large quality photographs on CDROM. Navigatable! Visit all San Francisco attractions - pictures of Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Cliff House, Muir Woods, Mission de Asis. Plus a screensaver auto city guide.

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