How to Start

Pick up an icon, click it. A Java applet downloads to a new window. It takes only a moment. Then the virtual tour starts. Follow the cursor. Look around. Search for hidden places. Discover the secrets of San Francisco.


Where to go:
Move the cursor around the image. It changes. This way you can find directions to go. A mouse click will take you further: forward, right, left, or ... Sometimes there is nowhere to go except backward.
Coming back:
In a dead end, there is no way to go but backward. In any other place click the Esc key or move the cursor to the top-left corner of the image and click there.
Keyboard commands:
[Esc] moves you back.
[z] or [Ctrl] shows available directions
[s] starts auto walking.


If the applet does not load, check to see if Java is enabled. For the best results use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape works as well. Download the latest Sun Java.

!!! Attention Mac Netscape Navigator users !!!  You might experience problems running the applet. Max OS X users, install Microsoft Internet Explorer from your OS X CD. Other users, download and install free Microsoft Internet Explorer here. Sorry for the inconvenience.