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August 9, 2005; by Igor Polk @ San Francisco Click


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- There are about 110 pictures in this tour around one of the most visited San Francisco attractions - SBC Park, home of the Giants baseball team.

If you are interested in science and Technology, please read my exaplanation of the method, something which in Nature is described with these words: "Motion direction, speed and orientation in binocular matching: The spatial differences between the images seen by the two eyes, called binocular disparities, can be used to recover the volumetric (three-dimensional) aspects of a scene. The computation of disparity depends upon the correct identification of corresponding features in the two images. Understanding what image features are used by the brain to solve this matching problem is one of the main issues in stereoscopic vision. Many cortical neurons in visual areas that are tuned to binocular disparity are also tuned to orientation, motion direction and speed. Although psychophysical work has shown that motion direction can facilitate binocular matching, the psychophysical literature on the role of orientation is mixed, and it has been argued that speed differences are ineffective in aiding correspondence. Here we use a different psychophysical paradigm to show that the visual system uses similarities in orientation, motion direction and speed to achieve binocular correspondence. These results indicate that cells that multiplex orientation, motion direction, speed and binocular disparity may help to solve the binocular matching problem"

If you are not familiar with my virtual tours - they allow you to walk around the place, turn left or right, look at items as if you are there. (Check for more tours here.)
But this tour is very special!

In about 2 seconds after an image is loaded, the second image of the stereo picture starts to load, and then it is presented in the way which is called "wiggling stereo". You do not need any special device nor goggles to experience it. This is an experiment. Please, give me your suggestions and share your excitement! Discussion in the blog, guest book, e-mail me.

If you want to see the difference the method makes, toggle wiggling: click S. Scroll down for the area of San Francisco around SBC Park.

- What is the point?, somebody says. The point is that sometimes a flat photo can not convey the true image of the place. 3D is required. Here is a little collection of 5 photographs which either make no sense in 2D or even give a false impression. Wiggling helps to estimate what is really on the picture. Here is an example:
Castle Crags - Castle Crags photos. Wiggling helps to eliminate illusions.



- OK. Here is something better than just stereo pictures: Here is Las Vegas Virtual Tour:

Las Vegas <-- Click on the picture. No stereo here.

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One stereo picture is about 300k.

For slow internet connections use small thumbnails in this column. Size of one stereo picture is 40-60k. ( One stereo image is composed of 2 pictures )

SBC Park Entrance

You start from the intersection of 5th and Townsend streets near Caltrain Depot. Then along King street you approach the main entrance of SBC Park - Willie Mays gate.
Willie Mays statue, a famous baseball player is here at the plaza.

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Approach SBC Park from the Second Street at the little De Boom where there are several popular restaurants. At the King Street the South Beach Harbor is to the left.

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Here is the view of the SBC Park from the end of the harbor pier at the China Basin. The picture you see first is a part of a sequence of pictures called . A part of it - the Bay Bridge panorama is to the right. A lot of yachts are in this marina.

Moving toward the stadium, you come to the San Francisco Seals Plaza. Do you see the seal sculpture here? You are in the another panoramic sequence of images.

Moving to the right from the plaza brings you to the South Beach Harbor Park, moving forward - to the historic Third Street drawbridge erected across the Mission Creek Waterway.

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Click here brings you to the end of the Mission Creek Marina. We are at the territory covered by the Mission Bay project. Now it is calm and rural at this tiny spot. Soon it will all change, and the downtown panorama gone. Mission Bay is the newest San Francisco's neighborhood which will include residential area, UCSF university, and a business campus as well as parks.

So, we are at the Mission Creek right in front of the huge 280 freeway overpass. Then we are moving along the houseboats toward the Third Street drawbridge.

Juan Marichal statue is in front of the south entrance to the SBC Park. Look where this famous baseball player is pitching the ball!

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Click here brings you to McCovey Point. The magnificent view of the baseball stadium, the Bay Bridge, and Willie McCovey statue, a beloved player of San Francisco Giants. Along China Basin Park come to the bridge. At the bridge look to the right and review another great sight of the Giants stadium.  
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Good bye. See you later during the next tour!

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[Moved from the guestbook (link)] I got the link to your website off the comment you made at the sidewalk perspective art websit where you tryed to compare your wiggling digital pictures with this mans genius. Frankly you should stop doing that as you are not even in the same league with that guy. It diminishes what you are doing. Just my $.02. Joe
- Friday, October 20, 2006 at 15:44:38 (CDT)

-- I have found the site where I left the comment. I said there in March something like this: This is an illusion, which make sense only on a photograph. It converts a real thing into an illusory one. While my wiggling stereo photographs restore the correct perception of the place where the illusion takes place: it is anti-illusory. If a wiggling photograph of this "sidewalk perspective art" were taken, it would immediately dissolve the illusion. ( This is an example: Castle Crags Stereo Photos ) So, someone finds fun in illusion, some -in discovering the truth behind it. And thank you for expressing your free opinion about me, please continue !

* * *
2007, November 12
Here is the proof that the artist is totally aware of "one eye" nature of his phenomena. Watch how he is looking into the camera ( not stereo ) to check if the proportions are right.


- This is an experimental work. Producing of stereo images takes a lot of effort. Please, help me. Tell me, do you want more stereo tours or regular photos are sufficient? Live your message here: Blog. Link to my page, please - it is so easy to support innovations these days! More about the effect of wiggle stereo.

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