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Alcatraz Island is located in San Francisco Bay very close to the city. It was a US military prison there until 1907 when it became a maximum-security prison. Alcatraz now is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. All San Francisco visitors want to go to Alcatraz, where on a small piece of rock wonders of nature as well as american history are concentrated. Get into a prison at least once in your life:

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But the truth is that no matter how attractive the name of the island sounds, it is mostly cold and windy there, very sad. It is good as well to enjoy views of the famous island from outside:

Alcatraz is a prominent landmark enhancing the bay views from many San Francisco locations.
Here I present multiple views of Alcatraz. Click on a picture and interactively tour around the place. This click starts a virtual walk around San Francisco from that location. It takes some time to download the java applet, but you will be rewarded.

San Francisco Virtual Tours with Alcatraz views

Alcatraz views from Hyde Street Pier ( large pictures )
To Fisherman's Wharf

Alcatraz picture from Coit Tower.
You may jump right to the Fisherman's Wharf from here.
Alcatraz view from Coit Tower

Picture from the pedestrian overpass to Pier 39.
View from the overpass to Pier 39

Alcatraz island picture from Pier 39.
Turn and go left to watch Sea Lions.
Blue and Gold tour to Alcatraz. View from Pier 39

Alcatraz picture from Pier 41.
Alcatraz and Angel Island from Pier 41

Alcatraz picture taken from Jeremiah O'Brien.
Start your tour of the ship here.
Alcatraz view from Jeremiah O'Brien

View from the end of Pier 45.
Alcatraz and a curis ship view from Pier 45

Alcatraz from intersection of Hyde Street and Lombard Street.
Turn right to walk down the Lombard Street curves.
Go forward to the Aquatic park and Jefferson Street
Hyde Street at Lombard

View from the Ghirardelli balcony
Alcatraz and Angel Island from the Ghirardelli balcony

Alcatraz view from San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park municipal pier.
San Francisco downtown from the municipal pier

Alcatraz Island picture and San Francisco downtown view from Fort Point.
Fort Point. View of Alcatraz

This Alcatraz Picture is taken from Golden Gate Bridge.
Alcatraz view from Golden Gate Bridge

View south from Marina county.
Bay Bridge and the Treasure Island are on the right.
Another view of Alcatraz from Marina County

View from Battery construction N129 site.
Golden Gate Bridge, Curby Cove, San Francisco downtown.
Golden Gate Bridge

View from Twin Peaks. Alcatraz is in center
Buena Vista park at Haight Ashbury area is in front.
Alcatraz from Twin Peaks


1859 - A fort at the island is established. Large guns were installed at the batteries to protect approaches to San Francisco.
1907 - The fort became a military prison.
1934-1963 - The prison served as a maximum security prison.
1969 - The island was seized by members of the American Indian Movement.
1971 - The group was expelled.


Take a ferry from Fisherman's Wharf - Blue and Gold Fleet. Buy tickets here.
Aerial image from Terraserver

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