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Leidesdorff Street is a narrow street stretched between Pine and Transamerica Pyramid. In the middle it crosses Commercial Street. The street is named after William Alexander Leidesdorff.

The tour starts at a street cafe at Pine Street. There are a lot of sidewalk cafes along the way. You progress toward the pyramid crossing California, and Commercial. At Commercial you can turn left to China Town, or right to Embarcadero Center.

At Clay Street you have approached the Pyramid from south. Walking around the building to the left, you get to Montgomery Street, walking around to the right, you get to the Redwood Park. These pictures are taken before 2001. Now the park is mostly closed, and the Pyramid surrounding is not the same. You can look at the top of the Pyramid from the east.

At the Redwood Park you can see "Children" sculpture, and "frogs" jumping into a fountain. At Washington Street you can enter Jackson Square Historical District's Hotaling Street, or observe more of the Pyramid.

At Commercial you can turn around and come back. There you can turn left or right on California, or reach the end of the street and turn around. At the end on the left side you can see Pacific Coast Stock Exchange building.

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