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Golden Gate Park is one of the most known San Francisco attractions. Here are several entrances to a Virtual Tour around the park. Click on a picture to start.


A new tour around Conservatory of Flowers. Stereo
Garden near Conservatory of Flowers
East Entrance. The tour starts form east entrance to the park.
Rhododendron Garden. Flowers everywhere.
Conservatory of Flowers
A tour around Conservatory of Flowers starts from the east (an old tour)
Music Concourse
The Music Concourse is the central part of the Golden Gate Park. Now the area is closed for renovation.
Golf Course in Golden Gate Park
Golf Course located on the very west end of the park near Pacific Ocean Beach. This is a large virtual tour around all course holes.
North Windmill
West Entrance.
Queen Wilhelmina Garden
Bench at Da Laveaga Dell
Da Laveaga Dell. Quite unusual place south to the Concourse.
Asian Art Museum old building
Asian Art Museum
(as it used to be). A new great building is almost ready.

Some more virtual San Francisco tours:

Fisherman's Wharf
is one of the major San Francisco attractions. It lasts from Aquatic Park to the Pier 39.
Crater Lake Park, Oregon
Beautiful unique lake is located in place of the collapsed volcano. Includes panoramic pictures of the lake and its shores. Forests surround the mountain.
Alcatraz Island and Prison
is not just a island. It is a part of Golden Gate Recreational Area. There are a lot of interesting flowers there.
California Redwoods
Muir Woods
is just across the bridge from the Golden Gate Park. It is very possible to visit both in one day.

Golden Gate Bridge
is on the way to Muir Woods park.

SBC Park
. Nature surrounds this interesting places filled with views and sculptures

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