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Tango in San Jose
Tango in San Jose

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Nice San Fancisco pictures - virtual stroll

These are routes of walking virtual tour. Help This is Java technology. The applet used is Unsigned. It is the safest applet, see wiki. They are completely blocked by your Browser for unwanted activites. On the contrary, Signed applets are dangrous.
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Hyde Street Pier at Fisherman's Wharf
Hyde Street Pier at  Fisherman's Wharf
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View Sisters
Alamo Square Victorian Houses
Alamo Square.
Six Sisters
Visit the Tower
Coit Tower is the visual hub of the city. Jump to almost any location from the top.
Coit Tower
Approach the Pyramid
At the base of TransAmerica Pyramid. Columbus Avenue is a vibrant night life district. Safe and romantic. There are 3 more approaches to the pyramid.
Transamerica Pyramid
Along the Bridge
Top of the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
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• Here you can virtually travel to San Francisco, California, USA. This is a San Francisco walking virtual tour made with high quality photographs. When you click on one of the small pictures on this page you enter a walk-through of the city. You can move forward, turn left, right, come back, look closely at items and distant attractions, even fly and do other things. • Use the cursor. When you see a forward arrow - click there, you will go to the next picture as if you are moving forward. When you see left or right cursor, it means you can turn there. When you see the "turn around" cursor, it means if you click there you will turn back. This is the way to browse the pictures - similar to a computer game - as if you are there. Cursors will show you what you can do. • Here on the internet, each thumbnail takes you on a limited virtual tour. These tours are actually the parts of one huge tour of the city. More about it here. We have large full-screen pictures. Like this. These pictures and the giant maze of routes make what you see unique. • These tours put you right onto the streets of the City by the Bay. This visual San Francisco experience can be called a virtual city, or virtual travel, or a San Francisco photo encyclopedia, or a photo-graphical adventure game like Myst. It is hard to name: it is one of a kind. We call it: Virtual Walking Tour. It is a good visual supplement to any map or guide. It allows you to see where you are going with your own eyes, experience the sense of being there. Kids love it too. This truly virtual travel recalls happy memories and arouses desire for travel adventures.

San Francisco Virtual Tour Index

Picture index of routes


Market Street, Embarcadero Plaza The Armand Vaillancourt Fountain. Justin Herman Plaza. Ferry Building
San Francisco. Embarcadero Center. Sculptures. John C Portman. The Tulip
Embarcadero Center. Lots of sculptures, flowers, shops, restaurants, and views

Embarcadero Center. Evening

Maritime Plaza
Sydney Walton square monuments
Sydney Walton Square
Jackson Square
Jackson Square Historical District. Hotaling Street. Gold Street.

Commercial Street. Trellis. Orrick. Creazione

Leidesdorff Street

Transamerica Pyramid. Columbus Avenue approach
San Francisco. Grant
    Avenue. Chinatown Gateway
Chinatown. Old St. Mary's Cathedral
San Francisco. Sculptures. Hyatt Regency. Charles Perry. Eclipse
Hyatt Regency Hotel

Ferry Building

Montgomery Street
View from Pier 7
Pier 7

City Hall

Union Square. Cable car

Embarcadero Street

South of Market

San Francisco Bay Bridge scenery. A road south along the Embarcadero
Yahts in China basin
China Basin

Pacific Bell Park. South Beach Harbor. Giants Baseball Stadium

Spear Street. Rincon Center

Yerba Buena Gardens. Modern park in the center of the city

SFMOMA. Near San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts

Around Moscone Center

North Beach and Marina

Coit Tower
Coit Tower
Coit Tower view from Washington Square
Washington Square

Greenwich Street

Lombard Street

Fort Mason

Exploratorium. Greek or Roman?

Fisherman's Wharf

North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf view from Coit Tower

Pier 39. Sea lions

Pier 41

Pier 45. World War II submarine USS Pampanito

Pier 45. SS Jeremiah O'Brien

Pier 45

Pier 47

The Cannery

Aquatic Park

Ghirardelli Square

Jefferson Street

Golden Gate Bridge

Crissy Field. Golden Gate Promenade. Trail to the Golden Gate Bridge starts here

Fort Point is located right under the Golden Gate Bridge!

Great Golden Gate Bridge scenes from Fort Point, Battery East

Battery Boutelle 1901-1917. Experience the smell of battle
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge. A walk across the sea - major tourist attraction This route is not available on CD.
Old version

Magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the north. Battery Spencer 1897-1943
Golden Gate Bridge at night
Battery Construction N129. Fly back to San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge at night

Point Bonita. Sunset. California coast

Golden Gate Park

East Entrance

Rhododendron Dell

Conservatory of Flowers

The Music Concourse

Asian Art Museum

Stow Lake

Da Laveaga Dell

West Entrance. Queen Wilhelmina Garden

Pacific Ocean Coast

Ocean Beach. Cliff House. Unforgettable California coast

Sutro Heights Park

Camino del Mar

Palace of the Legion of Honor

Land's End

Baker Beach. A trail along the Pacific Ocean coast to the Golden Gate Bridge. Ocean pictures

Stand-alone tours

san francisco downtown photos from  Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

Alamo Square.
Six Sisters

San Francisco Virtual Walking Tour
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