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San Jose, CA San Jose May 31 , 2007
San Jose and San Jose Blues Festival. This is a city 50 miles south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley. Make a walk around downtown and visit the open air blues festival.
150 pictures
Nevada > Hoover Dam Hoover Dam March 12 , 2007
Hoover Dam on Colorado River. Visit the famous place in the desert. Hoover Dam was built in 1935.
90 pictures
no stereo
San Francisco > Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge October 14 , 2006
Walk across Golden Gate Bridge. These are the old photographs of 1998-2002, for some reason I decided to put larger, less compressed pictures on the net so you can enjoy the walk better. Oh, and do not forget to tell your friends about it! This route is not available on any CD, sorry.
136 pictures,
no stereo
Nevada >
Las Vegas
Las Vegas

June 24 , 2006
Las Vegas. Here you can stroll along the west and east sides of the Las Vegas Boulevard for 5 kilometers! At day and at night. So, it is

Las Vegas now !!!

650 pictures,
no stereo

on CD

Northern California Mount Shasta view from Castle Crags State Park April 23, 2006
Castle Crags. Castle Crags is a granite rock mountain in the north of California near freeway 5. A short ascent brings the traveler to the natural castle with domes, walls, and towers. Mount Shasta volcano decorates the north.

53 pictures,

33 stereo

Northern California > Berkeley Lacis Museum of Lace April 7, 2006
Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles and the Lacis shop in Berkeley. Women consider this place magical. Take a look.

Shop Tour
162 pictures

5 stereo

San Francisco University of San Francisco, Lone Mountain Campus February 16, 2006
University of San Francisco. USF is located in the middle of the city surrounded by the beautiful panoramic views and little streets.

88 pictures,

4 stereo

Italy, China Italy

February 4 , 2006
Kathleen Redmond presents Italy and China pictures. No matter how beautiful California is, something is missed here in comparison to the rest of the world: feeling of history. Walk down obliterated stones of Lucca or climb Vernazza stair streets and you will feel the difference.

This is not a virtual tour. This is a photo gallery.

Photo Gallery
38 pictures
San Francisco > Fisherman's Wharf Hyde Street Pier: Balclutha January 30, 2006
Hyde Street Pier at Fisherman's Wharf. Another sunny winter day in San Francisco. Stroll along Hyde Street, and visit Maritime National Historical Park. Take a tour around the Balclutha sailing ship. There are plenty of ships and islands inside.

130 pictures

no stereo

San Francisco January 26, 2006
Embarcadero Center: Tulip. Sunny winter day in San Francisco. There is a little plaza between Hyatt hotel and Embarcadero Center 4 entrance. Take a small tour around.

43 pictures,

9 stereo


Oregon > Crater Lake Crater Lake, Oregon January 3, 2006
Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. Beautiful unique lake is located in place of the collapsed volcano. Includes panoramic pictures of the lake and its shores.

111 pictures,

8 stereo

Russia > Chukotka Ship November 28, 2005
Chukotka 1980, Russia. Polar winter and summer, ships and towns, plants, animals and mountains. Far away from San Francisco.

74 pictures

no stereo


San Jose > Robots Robot November 18 , 2005
In Stereo! San Jose Robot Exhibition RoboNexus 2005. Take a tour around the exhibition at San Jose Convention Center. Robots, participants, and competitions. 50 pictures are stereo.

220 pics

50 stereo

San Francisco > Golden Gate Park September 28 , 2005
In Stereo too! Conservatory of Flowers Panoramas in Golden Gate Park. A nice place, a heaven for city-nature lovers, waving palms, a beautiful tour.

37 pictures

all stereo

San Francisco > Giants, SBC Park August 12, 2005
Now in Stereo! SBC Park - home of Giants Baseball team tour contains 110 wiggle stereo pictures. This is an experimental work, new applet. Tell me if you like it. For your convenience there are large and small picture versions.

111 pictures

all stereo

San Francisco > Golden Gate Bridge June 24, 2005
Golden Gate Bridge panoramas from Camino del Mar. This is a small but unusual tour. It is made of large pictures (130k), a little walk along the trail under the California setting sun.
48 pictures
San Francisco > Alcatraz Alcatraz Island and Prison

January 27 , 2005
Alcatraz Island and Prison. The prison was made an ideological tool. "There is no escape from Alcatraz" was proclaimed from movie screens in 1930s, "Behave!". Surrounded by the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, the rock prison was guarded especially well. Yet Alcatraz experienced revolts and escapes. Now it is a beautiful place to enjoy the nature and to be reminded that being in prison is not a pleasant experience!

728 pictures

on CD

Northern California > Redding Shasta Dam November 30 , 2004
Shasta Dam in California. Majestic place. Calm, shiny, magnificent.
27 pics
Northern California > Redding November 10 , 2004
The Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA - Calatrava designed this new California masterpiece. Golden Gate Bridge is magnificent, the Sundial is relaxing and meditative.
85 pics
San Francisco September 28, 2004
Del Monte Square Dedication Ceremony - a famous tourist and cultural center, The Cannery obtained its new landmark name. True award indeed!
77 pics
Northern California > Marin County May 20, 2004
Muir Woods - a monument to human will. Magical place in minutes from San Francisco. If you are heading over the Golden Gate Bridge, make an effort to stop here. It is so close and worth the scenic drive. Oh, well, you might as well hit Mount Tamalpais also, then on to Stinson beach, then.. whole California is ahead of you!
90 pics

on CD
San Francisco April 20, 2004
Mission de Asis - a quiet place to pray, meditate, and contemplate history. Click has been here many times with a sinking heart. The famous street corner is surrounded by other churches, but they could not find a place in this tour.
139 pics

on CD
San Francisco May 26, 2002
San Francisco Carnaval 2002 - the Mission district celebrates dance and passion. Come here, open your heart, feel the beat. Hoooooola! This is not a virtual tour in our sense, but I like this page.
56 photo
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A brief history of Click

Click was born on September 28, 2004. It was a long pregnancy. His father Igor Polk started developing the new virtual tour technology in 2001. At that time Yes San Francisco, LLC was born (Click's mother). First there was a question: "I am sick and tired of all those static pictures, a photo gallery type. We need something more modern in photography in this Internet age". We came to this age. We came to the age of interactivity. A computer is an interactive link between a human brain and information. Why not extend it further into the real world presented in pictures, photographs? One picture is worth a thousand words (arguable, but accepted); a virtual tour is worth a dozen pictures at least. An interactive tour, of course. Where you can move forward, left, right, look at items, and do other funny actions which are so habitual in the real world of our senses. To stand at one place and rotate one's head like an owl is definitely not natural, so so-called panoramic images, 360-degrees, QTVRs, and other oh-arr-s were denied. After the Myst they look dumb. So here is something else. While others are concentrating on creation of artificial, virtual worlds, which sometimes are even called "real virtual worlds" :), Click's father concentrated on finding the way to present the real world through quality photography for computer and internet users. You can find plenty of information about it on this site.

Now story goes on. Click is born. New age is open. Welcome!


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