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 Walk up and around Coit Tower as if you are there!.. You are at the base of Coit Tower, the attraction number 2 in San Francisco. Click on the top of the picture. Here we go. Click [Esc] key on the keyboard - you come back where you were. Use it. Click on the entrance and move inside. The elevator brings you on top. Short stairs, and you are on the upper deck of the tower... More instructions below..

Please, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a climb to the top of Coit Tower and views from all its windows. It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.
[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto

The pictures are small and very compressed.
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 Now you have 4 choices: if you click in the upper area of the picture, you'll look up at sky. Click in the lower area turns you around. Click in the bottom-right corner brings you to the stairs down - we'll go there later. Let us come closer to the window - click in the middle of the picture.

 You are at the west windows. Clicking on the right side you can make a full tour around of tower. Use [Esc] to come back. It allows you to visit more in this on-line version of the tour. Let us look out. Click in the middle. Here we are, west view: Russian Hill. Washington Square on the left. From there Columbus Avenue goes to Aquatic Park. Golden Gate Bridge is behind.

 Use z-key to toggle hotspots - places where you can click. Some places have binocular cursors. There you can click in and look closer.. If you see a little bird, you can fly to that place.. Arrow down brings you back.. Right arrow moves you to the next view...

 All right, you have learned it. Here is the list of views from the top of Coit Tower and what you can see there:

 You can fly from the tower to the most important San Francisco attractions, but now let us come back to the deck and take the stairs down. It brings you to Columbus monument. If you turn left, you come back to the Coit Tower entrance. If you turn right, you come to Greenwich Street stairs.

I am sorry that Internet pictures are too small and can not show every detail of the views.


Coit Tower has its own Website. Coit Tower history is well connected to Elizabeth Wyche “Lillie” Hitchcock Coit.

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