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Here is a collection of San Francisco Virtual Tours along Pacific Coast:

New. Large pictures! Walk along the shoreline cliffs at El Camino del Mar. Beautiful views of Golden Gate Bridge. The surf here is very high and strong. It still did not finish its job of leveling the beach. What is more powerful? Ocean waves or rising from the sea bed shore?

Ocean Beach view from Cliff House Ocean Beach and Cliff House.
This is the magical place where one can feel power of the ocean. A favorite place to spend a weekend day and feel the natural forces.
Ocean Beach View from Sutro Heights Sutro Heights Park is located on a hill above Cliff House - beautiful! This is park is magical but rare visited by tourists. They are below - at the Cliff House.  
Golden Gate Bridge view from the calm Baker Beach Baker Beach.
A trail along the Pacific Ocean coast to the Golden Gate Bridge. Watch the surf. Relatively calm waters suitable for swimming, if you dare jumping into the ice-cold water.
Battery at the San Francisco shoreline Battery Boutelle.
The area between Baker Beach and the Bridge. Powerful fortifications built for more than a century are stretched along all San Francisco shores. That is probably why they were never used - the best defense is one which scares away any offence.
Golden Gate Bridge South Tower Golden Gate Bridge.
A walk across the sea - major tourist attraction. Is is a part of shoreline?
Golden Gate Bridge at night Shoreline views from the hill across the strait. Yet more forts and panoramas.  

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