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You are at the intersection of Balboa and La Palaya streets just near the Ocean Beach. Climbing up the stairs brings you to Sutro Heights park with great views of the beach, Cliff House, and Pacific Ocean. This is one of the most beautiful parks and is unknown to toursts...

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.. At the top you soon reach the views of Richmond district with Golden Gate Park behind it, then the Sunset district. Use [Esc] key to come back. It will help you to see more in this on-line version of the tour. Get to the place right over Ocean Beach and Great highway. At the rock turning left will present you with a great view of Cliff House and Seal Rocks.

Try to find you way on the left down to Cliff House. You'll pass the house and be rewarded with the best view of Ocean Beach we have. Spectacular.

In the park you can make a full circle around or keeping left get to the main entrance, and see the Diana sculpture ( with an apple, of course! ). Main entrance is guarded by lions and is located at Geary Street and El Camino Del Mar. Seal Rock Inn is here.

If you pass the Main entrance, cross the Geary Street and and continue along El Camino Del Mar, you can walk along the beautiful cliffs and observe Panoramas of Golden Gate Bridge. Continue along the trail to the Palace of Legion.

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