Golden Gate Bridge View from Fort Miley

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- This is a very little tour I call "sketch". There are 45 pictures here. Download is longer.

Golden Gate Bridge panoramas from Camino del Mar. This is a small but unusual tour. A little walk along the trail in the California sunset. This views are from the west, from Pacific Ocean side.


A view on the bridge form Fort Miley Golden Gate Bridge View from Fort Miley at El Camino del Mar

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Fort Miley is located at the rocky north-west corner of San Francisco peninsula where surf have not finished its job of leveling cliffs to the beach. Follow the trail from the parking lot at Camino del Mar and make a little tour aroundSea Rocks at Fort Miley

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Golden Gate Bridge panorama. Colossal ocean waves make the surrounding rocks miserable, but just look at people standing at the Lands End to feel the size. Golden Gate Bridge is 2.6 miles (4 km). Golden Gate Bridge Panorama from Fort Miley

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Another panoramic viewAgainst the Sun

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Sunset at Fort Miley




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  If you move back along Camino del Mar for several minutes, you will get to Seal Rock Inn at Geary Street and to the Sutro Heights Park..  
  .. and Cliff House.  
  If you continue walking along the shore, soon you will get to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  
  Baker Beach is visible - blue cliffs, did you see it to the right of Golden Gate Bridge?  
  Point Bonita View from Hawk Hill across the strait.  

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