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Lunch time place. Great walk through the city. This is a great virtual stroll.

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We are at the west end of Embarcadero Center. Exit to Commercial Street is here. Solve this little architectural puzzle, find the exit among balconies, stairs, and monuments. Here are some little hints for you.

If you turn left, you get on balcony of the old Federal Reserve Bank. Turning right you can observe skyscrapers at Maritime Plaza and the center. Moving forward you again have three choices. Look down. Here is the wonderful monument: the bronze sphere. Taking left stairs, you will get to the Trellis by John C. Portman, Jr.,1988. Walk through the Trellis and you are on the Commercial Street. Just do not get lost! Many people do! Taking right gives you two choices. On of stairs brings you to Trellis, another one, I always forget what brings you to this magical sphere. It is "Untitled" by Fritz Koening, 1989. behind the sphere you can see waterfalls under the Trellis. Here you can get to Battery Street at the Reserve Bank building. At the Bank you can see what Universality of Wisdom is.

Exiting the Trellis, you find a summer cafe around Creazione, a sculpture by Dimitri Hadzi, 1988. There are two turn-arounds. One leads back, up Trellis to the place where we started, another one allows you to look at Trellis waterfalls, and leads to the sphere and the Bank.

Here Commercial meets Sansome Street. Turn left, and at Sacramento you can see Hermes and Dionysos, Monument to Analysis by Arman, 1986. This street leads toward Market Street. On the way you can observe such buildings like 343 Sansome St.; 231 Sansome Street - Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd.; 201 Sansome Street - Royal Insurance Building with clocks, 1907; Pacific Coast Stock Exchange at Pine Street; 115 Sansome. At California Street you can turn left or right and watch a cable car. Take a little tour around 345 California Center with exit to Battery.

Continuing along Commercial, you reach intersection with small Leidesdorff Street. There are a lot of small restaurants and cafe around here, this is a favorite place to spend lunch time. We continue forward. Pacific Gas and Electric Company Station J building is on the lest, do not miss. The next intersection is with Montgomery Street.

Father ahead on the right side do not miss tiny Empire Park, little jewel of urban architecture where water oozes out the wall. Interesting view of the Bank of America polyhedron. At Kearny Street we in Chinatown. At Grant Street you can turn left, right or around.

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