Golden Gate Bridge at night. Sunset

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Now we are at the exit from the second tunnel at Hawk Hill. Point Bonita is right in front. The lighthouse is on the left, Rodeo Lagoon is on the right. We are going to watch sunset. Click and see how our pictures work. At any time you can click on arrow down and move to the next piece. The earlier you do it the farther away you will be able to get in internet version.

You can see west part of the city at night. This is Reachmond and Sunset districts. Turn right into the tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel you see the Golden Gate Bridge at night. Wildlife is everywhere - right at your feet!

This is the magic of this place on the globe. Now you are at the land's end, in mountains, surrounded by animals and flowers, watching starts, sun, moon, slow waves, lonely lighthouse, unknown islands on horizon, ships sailing away, and then jumping in your car, on the bike, or just plainly walking in no significant time you cross the ocean and here you are.. at the heart of night life of a vibrant metropolitan city - San Francisco among cultural diversity and architectural marbles.

Turn to the left. Now you can move back to the tunnel, and start watching sunset again, or you can move forward to the entrance to the first tunnel. Moving forward you can get to the best place to photograph Golden Gate Bridge.

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