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May 27, 2007; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

Learn dancing Argentine Tango in San Jose

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- I came to San Jose on May 13, 2007 to participate in a great show: San Jose Blues Festival with the famous Buddy Guy. Since Buddy Guy was performing in the evening and I had plenty of time to enjoy, I made a little tour around San Jose Downtown, a city of high tech, the center of Silicon Valley, but the place where Spanish influence is unmistakenly present. Here is a little essay about what I saw. All the photos are arranged in order they are taken. It is not a virtual tour like I did earlier, but it gives the impression of space. I apologize to my American friends, sometimes I show in the pictures what is very common and is not considered interesting here. But people from other countries might find it unusual and calling some associations with their own places.


Chapters: San Jose
Old Quarter
Blues Fest
Lara Price
Sista Monica
Buddy Guy

So the festival is actually called "Metro Fountain Blues Festival" and it is produced annually by the associations of students of San Jose State University. The university campus is a wonderful park located right in the downtown of San Jose. The meadows San Carlos Plaza were transformed into music hall and a stage was erected where 6 groups of participants performed for the whole 8 hours. More pictures of Metro Fountain Blues Festival -->

San Jose Metro Fountain Blues Festival Stage

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Blues Fest

While they have good time listening to the laud-speakers, we'll make a stroll around San Jose downtown. Just unchain the bike.

Unchainging Bike


We are getting close to the plaza: Hotel Montgomery

Hotel Montgomery


San Jose Convention Center. You can visit the Robot Exhibition there and see how it looks inside.

San Jose Convention Center

  At the San Jose Civic AuditoriumAt the Civic Auditorium. Sometimes people come here to dance Argentine Tango.  

There is always some sort of concert or competition is going on there. Now - dancing. Is it Tango?

Dancing at the Civic Auditorium of San Jose


San Jose Clock


Tram line goes across the city. Surrounding mountains complete the view. Corner of Market and San Carlos

San Jose View on Mountains


At the tram station

San Jose Tram - Light Rail

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