Walking in San Jose, 2007

May 27, 2007; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

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- San Jose is the city of arts and festivals. Blues festival, jazz festival, great ballet and opera.. Something is going an every Sunday. Complemented by human-friendly landscape of the central part of the city - walking quarter, all that makes the large industrial city a welcoming and unique place in Bay Area.


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Adobe, a software giant corporation building in the downtown of San Jose

Adobe Building


Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza


In front of the San Jose Center for Performing Arts

San Jose Opera


Dancing sculpture in front of the Center of Performing Arts. The figures might be dancing Tango.



A ballet dancer relaxing in the backyard of the theatre



Under the BridgeGuadalupe river in San Jose. Under the pedestrian bridge - kingdom of green


Across the bridge


The freeway jumps across the small Guadalupe river

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