Buddy Guy in San Jose, 2007

May 27, 2007; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

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- Buddy Guy is a living blues legend. When he plays, music is streaming out of his guitar as if it is his soul. Musical qualities of blues is the most important for him. He is not laud, he whispers, but that makes thousands to listen. Along with extraordinary musical abilities, Buddy Guy is a great showmen and even clown as you can see on these photos..



Buddy Guy is met with the roar. More about San Jose Blues Festival -->

Buddy Guy in San Jose

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He starts playing

Buddy Guy starts playing

  Buddy Guy is an elaborate singer

Buddy Guy sings blues

His music is exquisite, musical, with wide range of rhythms, sometimes whispering, sometimes laud, slow and fast. Always new.

Buddy Guy


He plays a lot of tricks, but hey, this is a street performance. I'd love to listen to him in a small jazz hall like it used to be.

Buddy Guy starts his tricks

  Buddy Guy can play without touching the instrument  

Buddy Guy is a master of handling audience.

Buddy Guy in San Jose


Not only like that, he even played with his butt.

Or not with fingers..


Photographers went berserk. A little more about photographers at this event -->


Buddy Guy honestly played for the whole 1.5 hours. This was a pleasure.


  Surrounded by security he jumps into the crowd. Luckily, he's got right into my camera.

Buddy Guy
  San Jose evening after the concert is especially calm. Take a photo tour around San Jose -->

San Jose evening
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