Shasta Dam Virtual Tour

November 30, 2004; by Igor Polk
San Francisco Click

Here is the virtual tour of the Shasta Dam. North from Redding, California, a dam was build in 1945. Dammed up crystal waters of Sacramento river filled up Shasta Lake reservoir. This little tour has 28 pictures. They are all linked together. To start from any location below click on a picture.

Shasta Dam and Shasta lake Shasta Dam Road leads from Redding to the dam. Here is overlook over the dam and Sacramento river valley.
Shasta Mountain viewed from Shasta Dam Shasta mountain adds majesty to the scenery.
A park at the dam Here is the short evening walk along the dam as if you are there.

This tour was made on the way from San Francisco to Portland in October. Redding is a good place to stop and have rest. A blue river, green parks, red rocks, the Sundial Bridge, a museum at Turtle Bay, and finally the Dam and Shasta lake make it worthwhile to spent a whole vacation here.

More tours: Sundial Bridge The Sundial Bridge in Redding
  Hoover Dam Hoover Dam near Las Vegas
Shasta-Trinity National Forest


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Rock around Redding and Red Bluff are red
There are house boats at the Shasta Lake
The Dam The Spillway

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Structural Height - 602 ft ( 200 m );    Length - 3460 ft ( about 1 km );   Base Width - 543 ft ( about 170 m );   Material - concrete