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We are standing on the Bay Area Ridge Trail at the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail post. If you turn around, you come to more modern Battery Marcus Miller and Battery Cranston, or if you go downstairs, to the south end of Golden Gate Bridge passing below the bridge to the place where Battery East tour leads.

Explore batteries Markus and Cranston. They are built around WWII. There is a rare view of the Bridge from the sloped top.

Battery Boutelle was built in 1900. You can see wooden gates and concrete stairs. Turn around. There is a wonderful picture there: a view along the Golden Gate Bridge in a foggy day. We are in the Presidio of San Francisco.

The next is Battery Godfrey, 1895. Moving along do not forget to turn around, you may find another great Golden Gate Bridge view. This battery is much bigger. At the south end you can see the remnants of the 1870-battery West. It was build a little earlier than Battery East.

Moving further observe the remnant of the battery command post. I do not think it was destroyed during a war. At the overlook you can see Baker Beach, Sea Cliff district, and Lands End are in the distance. Alongside the road you can see the large command post.

Take a bike along Lincoln Boulevard road. Here West Coast Memorial To the Missing of World War II is on the left. The bike takes you further to Baker Beach.

This is a great place. In about an hour you observed artillery fortifications from 3 distinct periods, enjoyed great views, fresh ocean air, and submersion into history. You could easily expand your excursion for hours. Take our tours and see how.



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