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This Second World War military cargo ship is fully operational. Climb up, take a look!

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Visitors' Guide of Historic Naval Ship Association

Approaching the ship, look at a heavy anti-aircraft gun, anchor, and the emblem. On the left hand you could peep inside a pier's warehouse. At that place, the construction visible on board is a life raft. It stands on rails ready to sleep into the waters - torpedoed ship sink very quickly.

Climb up the ladder. Aboard the ship the tour leads you to the right to the fore. You will get inside later. This ship is fully operational. On the left side you can see the ship's plaque and the bell. Everything is so blue because it is lighted by the bright blue sky of California. It is a cargo ship. Look inside the Cargo Hold No 2. A souvenir shop is here now.

Moving toward the fore, you can climb up to the gun platform on the left and observe the heavy anti-aircraft gun around. Aim! One of the best city views is from here. Telegraph Hill, Fishermans Wharf, the submarine. The Bay Bridge Nob Hill and Russian Hill. This is the best place to feel the nautical history of San Francisco. You have excellent views of the Bay Bridge, a cruise ship, Coit Tower, the Pyramid. You can see Pier 39 against a backdrop of Yerba Buena Island and the Bay Bridge. On the far left - one of the Treasure Island buildings.

"Miss Jerry O'Brien" has pretty Hawaiian look and the Irish emblem. Good view of Alcatraz on the background of the Angel Island. Now we move toward the stern, and climb up. Well, the internet tour is over, but the way leads to another aircraft gun, and a great picture of an Oerlikon. Observe the views of the city, the bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge, visit pilot house, steer the wheel, observe navigation devices, and come down. Or we could get inside, meet cooks, visit the wardroom, cabins, lavatory. Regretfully, we could not get inside the engine room. Here is the complete tour.


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