Sydney Walton Square in San Francisco

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A green square surrounded by modern apartment complexes and old streets. A part of Golden Gateway Redevelopment Project. Read walk-through below...

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You are at the exit from Golden Gateway apartment complex on your way from Maritime Plaza. Jackson Street is under this bridge. Bay Bridge and an Embarcadero pier can be recognized if you turn right at the end of the street.

Descending from the stairs turn right, then left, then jump. You are in front of fountain of "Four Seasons" by Francois Stahly. If you turn left, you'll get closer to the fountain. If you move forward, you exit the Walton Square to Davis Street.

From the Davis Street you pass through the Golden Gateway complex to the Embarcadero. In the narrow passage you can see the inventive Tide Pool by Claire Falkenstein, 1983. Pier 7 is in front of you, Market Street is to the right, the road to Fisherman's Wharf is to the left.

Use [Esc] key to come back, it helps you to visit more in this on-line version of the tour. In the park you can see the Sydney C. Walton 1901-1960 memorial boulder, Pine Tree Obelisk by Joan Brown, 1987, or exit through the arch to Front Street.

At Front Street you can see entrance to MacArthur Park building, Kokkari restaurant at 200 Jackson Street, and then get to Battery Street.

At Battery Street you enter One Jackson Place, and get through the old courtyard to Sansome Street. If you turn left there, you will get to Jackson Square Historical District, if you turn right, bypassing the Globe restaurant could return to the arch at Sydney Walton Square.


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