5 Wiggling Stereo Pictures at the Castle Crags

Somebody says: "What is the point of this wiggling?". The point is that sometimes a flat photo can not convey the true image of the place. 3D is required. Here is a little collection of 5 photographs which either make no sense in 2D or even give a false impression. Wiggling helps to estimate what is really on the picture. The page starts when wiggling is on. Type [S] to deactivate it to see how a flat photo looks. ( You have to click in the picture before if you run IE.) Click inside to go to the next one. Before going to the next picture, type S again to toggle wiggling off. And so on.

You should see that wiggling really helps to convey the true geometry of a mountain rocky place where even a human eye can be easily mislead into an illusion.

One more thing I want to add. Wiggling make sense ONLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED WHAT'S ON THE PICTURE ! If you want to know exactly what is going on, disillusioned instead of being illusioned. If you do care what is in the picture, how accurate it is, how much correct information you get instead of just looking nice - there is point in wiggling!

Watch these 5 and other photos in the Castle Crags Virtual Tour made by San Francisco Click.

Note for IE: you have to click in the picture once to activate the keyboard.

S - toggle wiggling,
Esc - step back,
or z - where can I click?



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