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My name is Igor Polk. Browsing the Net I meet interesting articles, pictures, and video about Tango.
Here I leave comments on these articles... Not neutral.

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2004 December 13. Browsing the Net I meet interesting articles which reflect my opinions or contradict them. Here I leave comments on these articles clarifying with what I agree, with what I do not agree. This is more than a links page. This is what I would call linksblog. What is difference between my Tango Weblog entries and these Linksblog entries? The idea contained in a linksblog entry does not belong to me. What I write are comments. While the idea of a weblog entry is mine own. Inspired or invented. But I do not want to think about comments as descriptions. I want to see them as free flow of thought ispired by each individual link. So, this page is about websites and pages which inspire me. May be you too! The best tango videos are listed here.

How to dance tango. Far from complete.. look for other examples below the table. [2009.11.29 I have started a new chapter showing the examplary dancing in different styles, hopefully soon enough all the links will resettle here]

Just the best (no order)

Roberto Herrera y Silvana Capra 2008 at the Taipei Tango Festival - La Cumparsita (added 2019.11.20)

Los Totis in San Francisco, 2014. There Milonga. (Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez) ( Salon-Orillero )

Javier Rodriguez and Virginia Pandolfi;

Carlos Gavito y Maria Plasaola; Carlos Gavito y Natalia Hills

Cafe Dominguez" by Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida

Chicho y Juana demonstrating incredible musicality.

"Chicho"; Chicho y Eugenia: 1, 2; Chicho y Lucia; Chicho - a step behind..; 2007; Nochero Soy; Torino ( first is fast )
His La Cumparsita. His show tango. Zum. Milonga. Another, older Milonga. Why I consider Chicho the best. Chicho dances highly improvisational and very complex dance. He is a master whos performace dance is always different and always an event.

Orlando Paiva, private session in Chile, around 1986

Hugo Patyn y Miriam Larici; Milonga. Orillero style

Lucila Cionci & Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata. I am waiting for the San Francisco 2011 video of them !

Natalia Games y Gabriel Angio, record 1996 ( link of 12.2012 )

El Pajaro y la Dragone bailan "Fueron tres años". Diego Riemer y Maria Belén Giachello (Vals).

Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez: fast vals, 2016 ; slow vals, 2011 ;

Milonga by Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran;

Patricio y Carla. I observe this YouTube dance publication for years. Still it is the best tango presentation. Over 12,000,000 views !

Nelson Avila y Nelida Rodriguez; Old masters. European feel.

Luis Bianchi & Daniela Pucci

Romina LEVIN y Claudio VILLAGRA a Villa Lariano; 3 dances! First dance is very slow. Then milonga, then stadard salon. The most comprehensive dancing I know so far. 2012.04.19 ... (But no passion:( )

Argentine Tango danced by Anthony Dexter and Patricia Medina in Valentino (1951);
George Raft and Janet Blair dance the Tango in Broadway (1942);
George Raft and Frances Drake dance the Tango in Bolero (1934);
Not tango? But what elegance!

Tango Orillero ( the most ancient tango )

also look some Nuevo examples,

Aoniken Quiroga - a young guy. Future Master.
Unknown - Tango Orillero;
El Indio & Mariana Dragone - Nora's Tango Week July 1999
Juan Burno;
Miguel Angel Zotto & Erica Boaglio - Tango;
Daniel Nacucchio y Cristina Sosa;
Nelida y Nelson;

Salon Tango

Geraldin Rojas y Ezequiel Paludi
Miguel Balmaceda
Diego Riemer y Mariana Dragone, Milonga;
Fabian Peralta y Natacha Poberaj;
Ariadna Naveira y Fernando Sanchez;
Miguel Cardosa - simple and clear dance. Very good to learn Salon Style.
Orlando Paiva accompanied by Cristina Benavedez ; Orlando Paiva Junior - the son carrying his father skill. Impressive dance of the unique style. Some dancers my be mislead. This is actually a very complex dance which require a great skill to perform. Do you see any resemblance with Ballroom tango?
Roberto Herrera e Natacha Poberaj
Osvaldo Zotto in the style of Juan Bruno; ( my facebook has a better quality )
George Raft and Janet Blair dance the Salon Tango in Broadway (1942);
Cobra Tango;
I have learned a new transition from this one. Guess which!
Great collection of old argentinean movies and moves;

Aoniken Quiroga & Giovanna Di Vincenzo

Salon Tango, Modern

Victoria Galoto & Juan Paulo Horvath - an excellent presentation of what tango is;
Paula Gurini y Mariano Bielak

Salon Tango danced by disguised Orillero dancers

Natalia Games y Gabriel Angio,


Nuevo is a mix of Orillero, Apilado, and Salon with some new elements.
See Chicho in "Just the best" above;

Luis Bianchi & Daniela Pucci;
Juan Cantone & Sol Orozco;
Ivan Terrazas y Sara Grdan;
Aoniken Quiroga y Alejandra Mantinan. Why here? He is dancing in typical Orillero. She - Salon. Therefore - Nuevo. Yep.


Any figure can be danced in any style.

CHIQUE, Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino;
Osvaldo y Graciela (2014);
Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozco "Cafe Domiguez" - Enrosque;
Nelson y Madalyn
. Do your recognize ALL of the specific Nuevo figures in the dance of this very old man?
Pepito y Gilda Suzuki;
Contrapunto Pocho Pizarro y Pepito Avellaneda;
Soltadas with Homer and Christina; Soltadas can be found on the videos of oldest masters.
Nito and Elba Garcia
Roberto & Tamara - El Lloron ( Milonga )
Ezequiel y Geraldine
- Boleo on left and her step over with his enrosque to follow;
Diego Blanco - Ana Padron
- show performace with a lot of bold tango figures;
"Spiral Movement 1" by Tony Fan & Ilana Rubin;
"Change of Front 1" by Tony Fan & Ilana Rubin ( Also see 40th sec );
Young Gloria and Eduardo, back position;
Marcelo Molina & Carolina Vazquez, San Francisco Champions 2011;
Mario Consiglieri & Anabella Diaz Hojman - large set of Nuevo figures;
Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes - Figures. In my view, with all her beauty and dancing power Marina does not understand tango technique. She is not dancing tango, it is something else. This dance is overloaded with figures, it is too heavy, but that make it the perfect candidate to be listed here..
Nestor Ray & Patricia;


Pablo Giorgini & Noelia Coletti;
Volcada by Claudio Villagra;

Personal Styling

Eric and Nina Ofenböck (Sweden );
Athletic Tango ( China );


Quality Show Tango

In the examples of this chapter the significant role is taken by ballet technique, which people without deep, professional training have no chance to reproduce.


Apilado examples

Dani Garcia and Luna Palacios - look how Luna makes apilado to him !
Gavito + Maria Tango Workshop. Apilado, "Gavito's" figures ( rather, Gavito's performance ).

Apilado position is often seen at the modern nuevo dancing.


Milonguero Style examples

Maria Plazaola and Robert Hauk;
Chan Park and Susanne



Pocho Pizarro and Stella Barba. Wonderful !

Omar Ocampo and Monica Romero - "El flete", 2014.

Nestor Ray




Carlos Gavito y Marcela Duran;
Silvina Valz & Oliver Kolker;
Pibe Palermo with Aurora Lubiz (Facebook);
Hugo Patyn y Miriam Larici; Just fantastic ! It seem to me there is a better recording of the same dance, please let me know
Miguel Zotto y Daiana Guspero; A dance with many intersting figures, but many flaws in technique as well. At times, they are fast, because their technique is imperfect. Anyway, I reatly respect Miguel Zotto.

2015: Erin Malley and Doruk Golcu


Ballroom interpretation

Dennifer & Derek;


Ballet Tango

Jomar Mesquita e Juliana Macedo 9º Dançando a bordo - 2013.06.23

Cesar Coelho y Lucila Cionci; I love it, but dispite the incredible presentation, this dance is less interesting to me than any dance of Chicho.



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Veronique de Madrid

Dancing. Art or craft? Creativity

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2010 December 7

Jennifer and Derek Ballroom interpretation

2010 January 16

I'd like to keep this example for the reference: Juan Lencina - tango wish stops, pauses.

2010 January 3

A conductor Benjamin Zander talks about leadership, understanding of music, and what is important. Here is the youtube version, and here is the version with translation to other languages ( better video quality to me.. ). Since a dancer is a musician, it seems to me this clip carries very valuable advice how to dance great, with very vivid examples. Thank you!


2009 December 16

On Canyengue tune.. Just discovered and already posted Ernest Williams and Maricela Wilson, a masterful Canyengue !!! Here is our flyer of that visit of Ernest and Maricela.

Here is one interesting Canyengue style by Márcio Carreiro & Martha from Brazil;


2009 December 9

NNN's choice:

"This is my goal - to dance like this gal - Mariana Flores 

I love her poise and energy, especially in that video when she can let go of the embrace yet stay totally connected. Good stuff.  You had her on your videoblog too.
Here is a video I think I sent you once before of her doing what I call tango nuevas ochentas ... (80's, for the nineteen eighties music!)

I know that you have nothing better to do than watch more tango videos right??

This was a ridiculously fast  candombe [ Omar Vega ] ;
This is an amazingly smooth milonga;
This is a neat tango nuevo kind of thing [ Chicho ].."


2009 November 11

Gonzalo y Solange. Quebradas.
Gaston y Mariela. Floating Tango.
Cristian Cisneros y Virginia Porrino. Tango Orillero.

2009 October 13

One more great couple appeared on the horizon: Paula Gurini y Mariano Bielak - incredible dancing. Just about 10-20 years of ballet training and you will dance like this too ! It is worth to look for their other dances. They are of the highest quality I've ever seen !

2009 July 18

I'd like to point your attention to this video: Juan Manuel Suárez and Hsueh-tze Lee. Simple perfect tango. Well, it looks simple, but this is far from the simple dancing.

2009 June 22

Here is a good didactical video: old Pedro Sanchez and young Tina Ferrari - simple tango. Just familiar figures.

I came to this video after watching a series of flashy performances. And you know what? Running after visual effects those performers forget about simplicity, taste, structure, feeling, even music ! They are arrogant rather then elegant. They are not dancing, they are wholeheartedly trying to impress.. To impress with details. They forget about the main idea of the piece of art. Their dance is falling apart because it consists of unconnected particularities shouting right in my face - I am better, not I am! It is a scientific cyclopedia of moves rather than an artistic piece.

And that does not work here. Dance of Pedro and Tina is much more pleasurable for my feelings.


2009 June 17

Reconstruction of modern understanding of old european tango: movie [Valentino ?]. Nice vintage dance.

Look at this sweet Milonga!

2009 June 16

A performance of Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn. As expected from these excellent dancers ! There are other good performances there.

2009 June 2

Yanick Wyler and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh - these dancers dance tango well.

About some comments to this video. Dancing is not "stepping on the beat". Only soldiers march "stepping on the beat". Dancers dance in between beats. There are notes of 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8, 1/16 length. They are all good notes and dancers dance them to the music complementing it. I understand your frustration, there are so many people who can not even "step on the beat" not speaking about "dancing with music", but that is not an excuse to criticize artists who are trying to show you the best of the art they can do !

2009 April 13

There was some talks what is "Cadencia". Here is an example which hardly can be surpassed:
Belly dancing.

2009 April 7

I forgot if I put this link already, but never the less, it is good to review it again: Miguel Zotto and Milena Plebs from Tango Argentino. An ultimate art.

Final scene..


2009 March 24

Mamié y Carlitos, young dancers dancing very good classical tango and milonga.

2009 March 19

Very good tango: Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt.

2009 March 17

CHICHO & JUANA dancing ancient tango with more modern feel. Great! ( TANGO OCHO STUTTGART Apr 2008 Dance 1/7 )

2009 March 8

Yuka & Sebastian. Estudio momo japon. Something incredible. Art.

2009 March 1

Old Ruben Harymbat and young Silvina Valz.

2009 February 24

Cesar Coelho-Mariela with Mariela Franganillo - incredible show dancing.

2009 February 13

Maria Plazaola and Carlos Gavito, 2004
Natalia Hills & Francisco Forquera
Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn, 2006

ok, here is :
Hector Chidichimo - this old dancer makes several interesting for me moves.

2009 February 7

Cyd Charisse. Eleanor Powell.

2009 February 4

Here are Nora Dinzelbacher & Eduardo Neale.

They say it is Chicho. Great Apilado !

British so to speak "Semi Final of Strictly Come Dancing". Dance starts at 3-rd minute.

Tango Waltz Performance by Fabian & Carolina

2009 February 4

Gloria and Aduardo Arquimbau present tango in their historical perspective.


2009 January 27

I like this: young Diego Riemer y Romina Tumini.

2009 January 24

I have received from a friend a video of this "amazing routine": Boyanka Angelova dance with a ball.

2009 January 20

Tango x 2 clip. Another dance by Miguel Angel Zotto and Milena Plebs. When I watch this dancing I sometimes ask myself a question: will I ever dance even remotely as good as this :( ?

2009 January 12

Grand, grand Virulazo y Elvira !
Virulazo y Elvira in Tango Argentino ( Germany 1989 ). Breathtaking!

One specific piece of "Tango Argentino" I like. More on this later..

Listen to what I have found: A Tango sung by a Korean dancer in 1936 "A garden in Italy" !

2009 January 8

Sorry for the quality, the videographer thought that his creative camera work might get noticed. So it is. Anyway, I am thankful to him for this interesting from my perspective dance: old european tango in a restaurant .

2008 December 20

Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes dance milonga. Demonstration of slavery to music. Incredible dancing, but this is not the only way to dance milonga.

Argentineans: Amanda Lucero and Beto Ayala dance tango.

2008 December 13

Wonderful Hugo Patin is in San Francisco next week !
Hugo Patyn & Miriam Larici,
Hugo Patyn & Noelia Soldera,
Tango Orillero !


2008 December 1

Polskie Tango. A song from times when everyone danced tango. What is strange about this very simple music is that has perfect tango rhythm. Somehow early european musicians playing significantly modified and simplified tango than Argentines, still where able to convey tango feel and complex african rhythm which was totally lost later in ballroom and the like interpretations.

2008 November 26

Here is a very good example of rhythmic tango to D'Arienzo music. From Buenos Aires ! This is salon style, but shifted a little to Orillero.

Maria Plazaola y Eduardo El Nene Masci. This is salon style too. This particular styling is often called "Milonguero" in US.

Igor Polk is dancing ancient tango with his student Julia. Yep, that is me..

Here is a great article comparing Petroleo and Tete, look at postures ! Yep, that is tango.

Another article about the great Petroleo. The author writes that "She’s trying to dance in a crabbed sideways position, and she’s being pulled over backwards and twisted sideways" with some negative connotation. I disagree with the author. This is the pose I've seen on many vintage photos and paintings. And I can dance myself like this. Usually, my question to these authors, who do not believe the old master is "Have you danced like this yourself ?"

Here is another dancer, Miguel Zotto which is considered by some an icon in Buenos Aires. Please, be ready for too many small steps which is I think a little too much, but otherwise, please pay attention to position of his legs. It is a performance dance, so it is not wise trying to mimic Zotto as is. All the secrets are well hidden in their super-trained body, but at lest one can see the legs: hips, knees, and feet..

Here is another couple with the dance very tipical for Buenos Aires Tango Shows. Wow. I can not imagine how they can improvise it so fast !

Now some fun for desert.

PS. I'd like to mention one more dancer: Nestor Rey. He used to be here, in San Francisco..

2008 October 15

Short swing-cowboy dance. From www.swingdiego.com.

2008 October 14

Choreography in its purest form: dance animation.

2008 October 13

Payadores vs. raperos. This is a competition in poetry similar to what gauchos did in the past. The poetry they create here is interesting. It used to be with translation, only I can not find it any more..

2008 October 4

Walking in San Francisco, I have seen a photo of Pandit Chitresh Das (indian yoga dance) in a window. His performance just have passed. I deeply regret not being able to attend. Look at his spirit and simplicity of dance.

This is when he was young;
Incredible group performance;
Face is dancing;

"Based on the concept of “innovation within tradition,” Pandit Das explores the boundaries of Kathak technique and performance, creating compelling, new works and techniques that are inventive, yet deeply rooted in the Kathak tradition"

Another dancer, and another type of dance: Orissi dance - rare footage.

2008 October 1

In memory of Omar Vega:

Dance 1
Dance 2
Dance 3

Just before his premature death, Omar was trying to settle in San Francisco Bay Area. Sorry he passed away, we could be very good friends !

2008 September 27

Flamenco dancers.. Recently Joaquin Cortes, before it was Antonio Gades, before - an Italian born American José Greco the First.

2008 September 24

Wonderful performer Jorge Nel (and a shoe salesman, by the way ) is giving several classes in Bay Area, including our club. Here the video of Jorge & Milena Nel at Portland. Milonga.

2008 September 13

There is a choice of visiting teachers conducting tango lessons these days. Let me present you a couple which teaches today at Lake Merritt Dance Center: Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas.

Here are some testimonials from the web:

"Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas have been giving workshops here in the Bay Area for the last few months. Last saturday night they performed and hosted a milonga. Georgina also sang and her voice is amazing. Toward the end of the milonga, Oscar asked me (among other mere mortals) to dance. It was a dance I'll always remember mainly for the quality of the embrace, which was consistant throughout the dance. He was very easy to follow bacause of that embrace. There was no pushing or pulling but it felt like we were one person. I've never experienced anything like that dance before. I've heard it before, but now after experiencing it, I see that the embrace is the most important & fundamental element of salon style tango. So, leaders, instead of learning fancy sequences put your attention first on the embrace. Your partners will adore you for it." --Diane

2008 September 12

Eduardo El Nene Masci. Gorgeous Slow Salon style. Right rhythm ! This is sublimation of tango dancing. Only Masters after a long journey through tango styles can afford to dance like that. Coping this dancing as is will give nothing since the whole pleasure is in subtle traces of the past times. It is in something which is not actually danced right here. In memories.

It is impossible to jump over the head and learn dancing like a Bolshoi star right in the first class. One has to do his "plies" first.


Dancing is different from making correct steps and performing pre-defined figures. You do not need to know much to be able to dance. Here is an example. These people DANCE !: YouTube - Randy Cervantes & Lexi Shatsova Lindy in the Park!

* * *
if you  consider it to be on "the list of the best", why do I read:"You do not need to know much to be able to dance. Here is an example..."  Are you kidding me? It's an example of people who dance different dances, and since they know that the partner is capable of casually reacting to switching from dance to dance, they are able to improvise.

Maybe you meant well, but it sounds ...not good.   Sure, it's not perfect, and it's not a performance.  (We haven't danced together at least for a year.  And we noticed in the middle of the dance that someone was videotaping us). But you have to know A LOT to be able to dance even like that. 
-- Lexi

* * *
I know that one has to know a lot to dance like that.
But your dance looks so spontaneous and improvising, and at the same time it does not look like an examplary swing dance from a videotape, so it looks incredibly refreshing. That is the mastery, Lexi ! “Perfection” and “Effort” are the signs of “underdone humburgers”. Great dance always looks totally fresh and easy.
-- Igor

2006 August 14 ( hmm,.. why I wrote 2006? It is 2008 now..)

Today I have received invitations to see these 2 videos. Here they are:

Eduardo Saucedo & Marisa Quiroga - Milonga at Nora's Tango Week. Young showy dancers.
Facundo y Kely - Candombe. Old dancers..


2008 August 6

Alla's video album. Igor Polk and Teressa. That is me dancing. Thank you Allochka !

2008 August 4

Look at this little gem - lesson of very simple tango dancing. Here they explain rhythm. BAILARINES: Negro Carrillo y María Elena Alcalá. Their Voleo and other figures.

2008 July 31

Weird dancing. This animation shows well what is dance. Sorry about the creatures brewing in sick peoples minds. But some dance moves are interesting. So, can human surpass computer animated characters? Michael Jackson. You can like him or not, but he is the dancer. He is dancing a "robot" dance, but in contrast to numerous others he is not trying to emulate and submit to it. Here is another dance of totally different kind: Hallucination.

2008 July 15

Ricardo Vidort. A jewelry box of moves. sThank you, Mario!

2008 July 14

Good dancers! : PATRICIA Hilliges & MATTEO Panero. By the way, they are going to be at Alberto's this coming Sunday.

2008 July 13

This gentleman knows how to dance milonga: Ricardo Viqueira dancing with Mirta Tiseyra. This dancer actually was visiting San Francisco recently. Have you noticed him among the flood of other visiting teachers? As if a dam broke..

And here are the Masters: Martha Anton y Manolo "El Gallego" Salvador: Milonga.
Here they dance another milonga with other elements.

Here they dance Canyengue ( which is Tango ). Note the deep Apilado! We are going to have a Canyengue workshop with Ernest Williams on July 23. He is young, wow! Come and see !

Here is Marta dancing Canyengue with Luis Grondona 11 years ago. Sorry, music does not fit. Switch it off ! You will hear the music of real Canyengue expressed in the movements of the great Masters. Thank you!

2008 July 13

Gloria and Eduardo Arquimabu. This is Tango Orillero.
One more tango. No matter how they dance, they keep the perfect tango rhythm.

Eduardo explains Canyengue ( no dance ).

Right now Gloria and Eduardo are old. Still, I hope to dance like them when ( and if ) I'll be their age. This is probably the oldest professional dancing couple. They started to perform in the beginning of 50s when they were very young. I have met Gloria in 2003. And even danced with her. It is like dancing with a turbine. Here are some small photos of them, you can get an impression of dynamics of their dance.

2008 July 13

This is far from perfect dance, but see on the sec 54 the element which resembles Colgada to me. Or he was trying a leg wrap? Hard to say.

2008 July 3

Ballet also can be good tango: Tango Kinesis.

2008 June 19

baldoza floja - Choreo milonga on stage. I like the spirit. Look how they dance milonga to melody rhythm.

2008 June 11

Ha-ha ! One might think this is a joke, but it is actually very sweet. "EJ and Sami's Sexy Tango". Ideal tango teacher!

Muppet show tango. Pretty real dancers. Bravo, bravo !

By the way, Rita Moreno is a verstile actress: Fever.

Here is she in a wonderful number dancing Samba. 1953.

Here is one more, ballet number from the times when a man was a man, and a woman was a woman. At least looked like it. Begin The Beguine!

Swing then and now.

2008 June 10

Milonga example ( Traspies )

2008 June 3

Pocho & Nelly milonga.

2008 June 1

Buenos Aires architectural tour ( with music of Piazzolla )

2008 May 27

Mario Consiglieri e Anabella Diaz Hojman - Tango Nuevo dancers.

2008 April 24

Escuela de tango Tinta Roja - Tango Contrapunto. Song name: "Tango Negro" .

2008 April 12

International Ballroom Tango - I like this clip - they are good! And the dance is very interesting for me, since I am into the old tango. So.. Have you figured out why do they do what they do when they change heads positions?

Oh those ballroom Tango dancers... Good dancers! Once they start Argentine Tango they are the best! But why on their own floor they look like questioning a prisoner? Or glue to their faces a smile ? What these artificial emotions for? Isn't dancing, especially tango, should call real emotions? Are they afraid to show them or they do not feel them?

Dancing is about human feeling ! Unless it is dancing with stars.

2008 April 10

Sony robot dance. Just little robots dancing, nothing else. Boys dance "Insane (Robot) Dance". These two are the examples of simple choreography. Whew! That is a treasure around here: one chinese boy. What is it? Every one has their own style? Liquid robot. A funny couple. "Street Dance" song. Tango once also was a street dance. Now imagine what it was !

2008 April 5

Let me draw your attention to this wonderful dance: Osvaldo Centeno y Ana Maria Schapira . Come to our classes to dance like this! Here is another a examplary dance: Ruben Harymbat y Ana María Schapira.

2008 April 2

The tango of all tangos. This is the dance from what Tango renaissance has started. Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran. Perfect dancing.

2008 March 29

Is this MARIA NIEVES ? This is Maria Nieves for sure. She is 69 here. Look at her simple walk in the first beats! I always imagined that she is great. And she is!

2008 March 28

A great tribue to great Virulazo. Tango Orillero.

2008 March 28

Who are these tango dancers? What style do they dance? Here is their tango vals. Blurry like the feelings..

2008 March 27

A funny number "Evolution of [American pop] Dance"

Even toys dance (virtual ones), do you?

2008 March 26

Famous Antonio Todaro dancing Tango with his doughter ! Old record.

2008 March 25

Melina Sedo & Detlef Engel from Germany dance a Milonga . Nice and inventive !

2008 March 20

Young Master Jake Spatz: Jake Spatz Bella Sterling. "All imporov".

2008 March 14

I think I already have a link to this video somewhere: "Derecho Viejo" E.Arolas.

And here is the masterpiece: Lita y Jorge Los Mendez. For the first time I see a woman - a master of Orillero ! Bravo !

Please, if you know something about these dancers, tell me.

2008 March 8

Guillermina Quiroga y Roberto Reis. Guillermina Quiroga & Roberto Reis Milonga. Crazy %)
I have to add some comments. I like the style, especially when it includes many elements I love and even dance considered as too crazy in many communities: Milongero as well as .. yes, yes, Nuevo it is modern form. And I love the reaction of the people! However I would say that the dance itself does not look perfect for me. Either she is not able to follow sharply on-time or he is not clear in his lead or too harsh. Something does not match. It all looks too uneven, unready, as a half-done product. But that is for hard-core specialists, so that they will not say that I am not aware of it. Otherwise, if you enjoy the dancing, wonderful ! I do too.

2008 March 7

What is this music, can you tell me please?

2008 March 3

Ballet of 21 century. Thank you, Alla !

Solo hip hop tango.

2008 February 22

Bolero and Samba examples. Watch for similar moves to tango.

2008 February 15

How to dance Juan D'Arienzo ? "El Rey del Compas" ? May be this record will give you an idea: LOCA. Another one: - Nada Mas.

2008 February 12

JuanManuel Nieto & Romina Tumini. Inventive. A lot of recognizable nuevo figures with the feel of old street tango. I'd like to keep a link to it for it is original. Here is another interesting couple: Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes dancing milonga. She dances in a new styling ( straight legs ). Very sharp, rhythmic. If you think this is not a social dancing, watch their show performance. Is it the same couple? Chicho put a suit on: Chicho Frumboli y Juana Sepulveda. Yeah.. If one dances too long, he will come to a style. This is Orillero ! Another Chicho, with Eugenia Parilla

Heh-heh, next is an El Indio's version of street tango ( Orillero ). This is another tango. Someone called it "satire", hm.. will see.. thanks. And now his Chacarera. Pedro Benavente ( El Indio ) has as someone pointed a typical look and temperament of gaucho. So, one might be looking at how tango was danced 150 ago, or at least an impression of it.

2008 February 5

Anna Karrassik & Ernest Williams Canyengue. Wow, wow, wow! My favorite dance for years. Thanks, Miles !

2008 January 29

Here is a nice example of simple slow social salon tango in close embrace. Francesca y Massimiliano from Italy.

2008 January 28

The article of Tom Stermitz about types of embrace.

2008 January 27

Hm... Some interesting figures and technique: Roberto Reis and Lucila Cionci. Watch her going into deep Apilado walk. Lucila is not perfect match for Roberto. She should forget about her Neo technique and do more Orillero, then the dance will look more solid in style.

Here is another example of Roberto Reis with another partner: Margarita Klurfan. See the difference. ( Which is not very large ).

2008 January 22

Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne at Tango Week 2007( Tango and Milonga ). Very inspiring. Orillero style. When such dancers dance, it is difficult to say in what style they dance. Their own personal style exceeds the social dancing style. Way exceeds.

What one should pay attention to first of all is not the complexity of figures. One dances figures, another one dance and figures themselves come out of their dance. This is the real dance no matter how complex it is. This video is the great example of the dance feel. Or they at least make a perfect impression of it. Which is the same.

Here is another example: Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne dancing vals.

2008 January 18

These are the examplary examples:

Very nice slow salon tango: Fabian Peralta y Natacha Poberaj.

This is another great example of dancing ( it is more like Orillero, but modern so called "Villa Urquiza style " is very felt here): Che Carlitos y Mamie Sancy en la milonga de Chiletango, Mayo 2007 Santiago - Chile

Nuevo: Celine Ruiz and Damian Rosenthal Istanbul 2007

2008 January 17

I did not know that Robert Hauk dances Canyengue. Here, smooth Canyengue: Robert Hauk and Cristina Magi-Galluzzi. Excellent dancing !

Here is another performance of the same kind: Tim "Timmy Tango" & Joanne Pogros. Wonderful!

Here is how Argentineans do it. This is more Orillero style: Osky Casas y Alicia Pons, well yes, it is milonga.

Here is another nice educational example: Maria Plazaola y Eduardo El Nene Masci . This is a typical dance in the style called "Tango Milonguero". You know, I do not select this "Milonguero style" as a true style of tango. It is a strange mix of Canyengue ( mostly men ) and Salon ( mostly women ) done in close embrace, sometimes with lean, sometimes not. "Tango Milonguero" is a product of tango re-development in modern times - a result of social tango moving into new territories of US and Europe. Tango Milonguero is a trend born to contrast to what is called "Show tango" and Nuevo Tango as a more suitable social alternative. These 3 are not really tango dancing styles, but tango communities outside of Argentina. These are the dancing styles of tango I recognize.

2008 January 16

I like this: Show dancing in the most aggressive form: Melina Brufman & Claudio Gonzalez ( and do not try it at home! ) I have watched it with a great interest. First time. Than it called nothing but a smile. Although, I would love to dance with Melina like that. Or with you?

2008 January 14

This is an example of tango posture. ( Photos )

2008 January 11

An examplary performance: Alberto Dassieu and Elba Biscay - Tango Vals . I want to watch it more and more.

Here is another simple example - educational. Very slow dance.

2007 December 24

Look at this couple ! Who is this !? ( Medley American And Argentine Tango by black dancers )

2007 December 19

Marcel Marceau dancing tango.

Here is another masterpiece.


2007 December 18

Extreme dancing.
(there are no tangos in this collection)

Couple of more examles to the lovers of extreme dancing:
Breakdance - ( with a large B )
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYFDYX4i2EY&feature=related
( here is the same boy earlier, and later)

Men dance together not only in Tango (and where are they anyway ?)

Nuevo Balboa? Hmm, looks like recorded in 30s

And this is, I guess, "Milonguero" style of the same dancing:

Of course, this one is just for show:

And this is rather a long example of what dancers can do when they are not stuck to the grounds:

Hey, anyone like to dance Tango like this with me?
Call !


2007 December 14

One more masterpiece of Brigitta Winkler & Tomas Howlin tango. I am looking forward to see her here again!

2007 December 12

A clip from Carlos Gardel's movie "Tango Bar" ( there is another "Tango Bar" made in modern times - the best movie about Tango history, do not get confused ! ).

Someone else is dancing there in the great Canyenuge style, and then Gardel is dancing more like a salon style.

Great dancing ! Yes, I do dance like that. In both ways.

2007 December 5

Look at this tango ! So charming, isn't it? How many interesting elements! "Carnavalito" by Fred and Anita Chu. Thank you! You beat them all with your musicality and inventiveness! This is an example for all of us.

2007 November 27

I find this dance simple and very musical. Najla Nar. Imagine dancing a Tango with her!? Yummmmm.. ( This is bellydancing )

2007 November 27

I wonder, if you'll find this amusing, Tango dancers.. ( simple and nice Bolero, Samba, Swing with movements we find in Argentine Tango )

2007 November 26

So called "American Tango". I'd like to keep this link. To me - this dance definitely is originated from Argentine Tango. Interesting to watch the result of evolution.

2007 November 22

Here Ricardo Vidort y Liz Haight are dancing Tango. Very authentic. Can you recognize someone at your local milongas dancing just like this? ;)

Pocho y Nellie en El Beso;

Another Milongero: Dani 'El Flaco' Garcia y Silvina Valz - Milonga. Yeah, this is the way !

And Canyenge by Martha Anton y 'El Gallego' Marolo. Enjoy !

2007 November 16

Show Tango:

Roberto Herrera y Natacha Poberaj;
Ezequiel Farfaro y Milena Plebs;


Osvaldo Zotto y Lorena Ermocida


Murat and Michelle Erdemsel

( How can very similar feeling and danicng of Osvaldo and Murat be called different styles? Well, I still think this way ).


2007 November 2

Miguel Balmaceda Tango

2007 November 1

I was waiting for this. "El Cachafaz" & Carmencita Calderón (1933)". Tango.
Carmencita Calderón, 100 years birthday.

Another old video, but not that old - a lot of great examples and thoughts what is tango. (Why is it the modern "Villa Urquiza Style" origin? Hm.. Does it mean that if the old dancing was great, your new style is great either? As if I said that have learned from Gavito and Tete I am also great since there were great? No.. Not yet.). As they say in the video: "There are many ways to dance it..", "There may be a thousand couples dancing, but no two couples will be dancing the same way".

Here are the citations for the movie:

"The dancers who stand out dancing tango.. We were all men as in old days..We used to accompany each other so as to know what.. the woman was to do. I played a woman's role.. and then, the man's."

"The man is a leader, he must make the woman take the step. Because the woman must follow him.. When I dance Tango my face gets distorted.. I get so possessed when I dance, that if you speak to me.. I can not take another step. Couples who talk while dancing, do not feel it."

"Tango is not what it used to be. Nor are we, none of us dancers can be the same for a simple reason. There aren't practice sessions. At the Academy, we danced with boys and sometimes even girls. There, you created and created and created... or when we danced in the streets with the gramophones... We practiced a lot every day. We went from one dance hall to another. We started dancing at 7pm until 5 am. Every day of the week. And there are many ways to dance it."

"There may be a thousand couples dancing, but no two couples will be dancing the same way... You have to be born a dancer. Improvisation, creativity are innate. [ Igor: since 22 I am working in the area of researching people's creativity and improvisation. So, I know - it can be learned. Come to me for help! ] "

"The dancer with "beat" is the true dancer.. What really matters is the "beat" in Tango.."

" I feel a dancer needs: personality, beat, elegance, and choreography at the end."

"A tango was born to be danced very close because real Tango is for the couple to dance. You need accuracy.. there is a little room for your feet. If I dance at 50 sm from the woman I can do anything as in boogie, or rock.."

"The dancer only thinks of the steps and turns, how the partner will take the last step, or how the music will end.."

"- When you dance you listen to the music. You speak with your feet.
- The dance is "spoken" by the feet. You say what you feel. You are dancing and you feel a variation and do what you feel, then...
- Tango music inspires you to do what you do. You dance the figure which comes out all of the sudden. Perhaps you want to repeat it, but it doesn't fit.
- Tango has to give you goose-pimples otherwise it's no good, brother."

This is from the video "Tango: Bayle Nuestro", or "Tango: Our Dance" ( Bogota Film Festival Best Documentary"). Made in 1988(!):
( note: it includes many non-social tango scenes )

By the way, it looks like Ney Melo is taking the job of putting these videos on the net. It is indeed a great thing what he does ! Thank you very much for the wonderful videos !

2007 November 1

Rudy Vallee - an American Tango. 1933. Music and pics.

2007 October 15

Strip African-Latin dances of spirit and you've got a cardiovascular Zumba - new large-buz craze. A cyclopedia of African-Latin moves.

2007 October 12

Photos of Buenos Aires Milongas. Thank you, Ron !

2007 October 11

A funny tango choreography by amateur dancers. At least that what it looks like.

2007 October 6

New One came around: Baltimore Tango Fest 2007 - Neo Tango with the Argentinean Attitude. Jake Spatz.

2007 October 1

Some more Canyengue:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDKwI0I8xms - Osvaldo & Coca

2007 September 30

Something out of ordinary: Julio & Corina & Grisha-Creole Vals Medley ( that is Denver Outdoor Milonga 2007). Gregory Nisnevich on the guitar, Nina introducing.

2007 September 21

Juan Guida of Tokio. Neo Salon :)

2007 September 21

Pablo Veron and Victoria Vieyra dancing in Orillero style.

2007 September 9

Carlos "El Tordo" y Liliana Tolomei - Milonga en Canning  - excellent milonga ! Simple and stylish. I love it!

And here is the same couple dancing Canyengue. Fantastico !!!  Here is their websites: Carlos "El Tordo" Tango, Liliana Tolomei Tango.

2007 September 7

Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein are coming soon to SF. What their video: Invierño Porteno (Piazzolla) Gdansk, Poland, 4-14-07 at this page ( find a thumbnail ). An example of musicality and inventiveness. Neo Tango style.

2007 August 21

Mariana Dragone y Chicho Frumboli. Neo Tango. Mariana is the most beautiful Tango dancer in the world. You know why they are so good? Because they have solid Argentine Tango background. Marina - Salon and Chicho - Nuevo. Because whatever Argentinean dance - they dance it like Argentine Tango, not something else.

2007 August 20

Beatiful Jennifer Bratt and Ney Melo: Tango Joven, and In Texas on August 8. Milonga.

2007 August 20

"Simple" milonga: Good example of traspie. That is what it is.

2007 August 13

I find Juan Carlos Copes's tango more and more intriguing. Whoever were he was learning tango from were great.

2007 August 5

Browsing internet I have bumped into this video of Nestor Ray. I know that Nestor Rey have made a large contribution in development of Tango in San Francisco Bay Area. Here is his story.

2007 August 4

Buenos Aires is Buenos Aires. Here is the real Street Tango. Smell the tango and have fun!

1. - Orillero Tango. Street way. Scroll forward: dance starts at about 2:40.
2. - Too.
3. - Neo tango. Street way.
4. - Salon Tango Street Way.
5. - Grand Finale !

Here is the Carlos Copes's version of Street Tango !  From the movie Tango.
Another famous clip of his: Copes y Yacono en Tango, de Saura. They start in Salon style, ending in Orillero.

2007 August 4

Stephen Brown wrote a new article Finding Clarity in Tango.

"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire." William Butler Yeats. Thank you, Chirs!

2007 August 1

Here is a good example of dancing in social Milonguero style. Oleh and Darlene.

2007 July 24

Men dancing classical tango - thank you Chris !!!!

2007 July 22

Al Pacino - Scent of a Woman. Why I haven't see this before ! This is Tango dancing with some ancient elements not danced now, but the feeling is right. Emotions are transmitted so well.

2007 July 21

Three couples ( famous ) give little performance at a birthday party in Buenos Aires. Social dancing. Thank you, WHITE 95 !

2007 July 19

Ragtime Dance Music page. "During the first years of the 20th century the scandalous new rhythms of ragtime drove the nation dancing mad with the turkey trot, the camel walk, blues, one step, foxtrot ... and from Buenos Aires, the steamiest dance of all — the tango!" - nice samples of old tangos, foxtrots.

2007 July 13

Pablo Rodriguez: walking like a cat. When Pablo Rodriguez dance with Noelia Hurtado in close embrace they so miss Apilado. I want to cry to them: "Go to Apilado !!! Then you are going to look like a king !!! "

2007 July 12

My old Tango love: Florencia Taccetti - a woman with perfect technique ! She recorded a great instructional video for the Trenners Catalog. Check yourself, it might not be on sale any longer. Can you see how she overpowers her partners? Being a follower?

2007 July 11

Metin Yazir. An encyclopedia of ganchos. Dispite the brave barefeet performance of his partner and great technical complexity of the dance, it is poor dancing: they dance without any ralation to music. It is essentially a sport performance.

2007 July 3

Here is Melina Brufman y Claudio Gonzalez, a most innovative couple  ( with European accent ). Another dance - an avalanche of artistism ( with European accent ). I like it !

And this is probably the simplest dance in my collection: Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel. I like it too ! This is one of the best examples in my collection. Dance like this and you going to be a King and a Queen of tango. Simple, elegant, and pleasant. Watch - this is essentially all the elements we were studying at our classes: they go in open embrace nicely too.

2007 June 30

Here is an interesting video: Federico y Ariadna Naveira (children of Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio) improvise a tango at Salon Canning, Buenos Aires, January 2006. Nothing can serve as a better example of Nuevo Tango than dancing of the children of a Nuevo style founder !

2007 June 22

Celeste and Andres from Argentina - example of Tango Nuevo and Neo Tango moves. Note the overlong steps - that is Tango Nuevo characteristic. Arabesques, those are from Neo Tango ( and ballet ).

2007 June 21

"Almost the same steps that we studied last Wednesday..... only "Better" performance"

2007 June 17

Nice. I guess it is from the movie Tango with Juan Carlos Copes.

2007 June 14

Nice little story about Argentine Tango with some lovely dancers.

2007 May 27

Here is our Brigitta ! One more, Brigitta, one more: Brigitta Winkler tango !! And here Brigitta Winkler and Tomas Howlin present the dance at the Minneapolis Tango Festival in 2006 !!! Do you need any more videos to learn tango? In addition to be a great performer, Brigitta is a philosopher, thinker of Tango, a great teacher, inventor, and inspirer.

By the way, I have counted 32 boleos in the last video of at least 20 types. Can you find them?

2007 May 26

Here is Libertad Lamarque singing and dancing some tango: A Media Luz. This clip is interesting from many perspectives.

Here is most interesting example of old tango. Original ! Canyengue? Orillero? I think it is Canyengue danced in open.

2007 May 25

Couple of Milongas: Carlos Costes y Carina Mele, and Aurora and Daniel; I've see Aurora on other videos ( and in life performance ). She is incredibly fast. Yeah, and here are unknown legs.

Another dance: The Boogie Woogie. See? This is another Boogie Woogie, clearer one. The world of real dancing doesn't stop to amaze me. Countless possibilities of human body motions: %) ( fast swing )

2007 May 24

Another great video about musicality ! And very very unuque. Almasalsera. Ah?
Another dance: Shi GuoSong. Is he dancing tango?
What a day today, to the collection some belly dancing. This art is not ordinary.
Here is Flamenco for comparison.

2007 May 20

Here is something about Natural Dancing Abilities: A Salsa dancing kid. I feel I will return to this video many times, I proud that this young gentleman is going to be one of my teachers! I have found this video browsing for Samba dancing. In dozens of mediocre videos where half naked people were desperate to get attention of judges and media I have found only one truly dancing person - this one. By the way, yes, there is good Samba dancing, check out those links.

When the kid grow up, he might dance like this.

2007 May 10

Tango is an excellent exercise for a mind, here is one of the articles describing ( sorry, in Russian ) why it is useful from the medical point of view.

2007 May 6

Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn. Here is their tango danced in mix of styles. Miriam and Hugo's favorite style is Orillero. Here is their Milonga danced in Orillero style. And this is the way street guys dance Vals.

There was interesting incident last Nora Tango Week. Nora has performances every day. For some reason all of the lady dancers could not dance on one of the days. Got sick, or something. So Miriam performed with every male dancer. In his own style !

2007 May 6

This is something extraordinary ( not to speak about educational ): Wheel Chair Tango.
Well, this is clearly Argentine Tango. Please, do not spoil your evening, do not watch other, Ballroom videos about the topic !!!

2007 April 29

Just a clarification: Esteban Moreno y Claudia Codega - these are Neo Tango dancers. Look here how they dance in more classical style in close embrace. Since this couple is in San Francisco now, I'd like to present you the way they dance. Here is the latest video of Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codga made by Miles at Cafe Cocomo at Sunday April 29, 2007. I did not go there. I took Jorge Torres class at Gracia.

Here are Homer and Cristina Ladas.

2007 April 24

Daniel Lapadula is a frequent visitor to San Francisco. Here is Daniel's performance at Club Gricel in Buenos Aires.

2007 April 22

El Pibe Sarandi & Elina Roldan dancing Milonga. Yes, we had this couple in San Francisco ! For several days only.

2007 April 21

Good comparison people discussed recently, very bright examples:
Orillero style, El Indio, and Salon style of Damian Paiva & Mariana Melling.

Good examples of the opposite: El Indio - rough Orillero, Paiva - refined Salon. El Indio is too rough. Paiva is too perfect. Opposites sides of the spectrum. Thank you for the links, Keith and Flame ! Yes, Paiva is too perfect - it is boring. Some imperfection, surprise, more improvisation will spice this perfect but pretty bland dough. Indio it too rough. If Orillero is fast, sharp, playful, more macho, and frivolous if you wish, it does not mean perfection should not have place. And his partner is not good enough. She does not let him be sharper, she dampers his energy, she is late. That is because she does not have Orillero technique and feeling. Like most young ladies. Watch old masters! Never the less I find these videos useful. I'd like to keep links to both of them.

By chance, I'd like to thank Damian Paiva and his partner. They are living treasure preserving the art of Damian's father, great Orlando Paiva. Well, let us come back to the show...

Well, if you think I am jumping over my head in my judgments, here is another example of Tango Orillero for you.

Ah-ha-ha-ha, Cool !

Afro ;

Milonga ; Another Milonga of the same couple, what an avalanche ! Tango of the same couple. Now you know what to look for, don't you?

2007 April 20

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne are coming to San Francisco. Here they are. Nice.

2007 April 12

Carlos Gavito continues to amaze. Here is a video: one small figure danced in one place: two crosses, two barridas, two pivots, and a sacada. Look at footwork here. And here they are in a dance.

One can finish... Oh !

2007 April 12

Tell me it is not dancing: Akon.

2007 April 5

This guy has a wealth of infromation about Tango , even though it does not look like he dances it. You might find this website useful.

2007 April 1

Tango Animation - En Tus Brazos (In Your Arms). Music of the dance: "El Huracán" by Edgardo Donato.

2007 March 31

This is an example of Neo Tango danced to the traditional music. Nice dance, it ideas which I'd like to keep a reference to.

2007 March 30

Here is a nice dancing in traditional style ( salon with orillero-canyengue flavor ): Ruben (not Ruben Milonga, another Ruben) is dancing a young lady who came from Nuevo-Milonguero style. So he is dancing her the old style. So, here is Ruben and Marisa Galindo  dance.

2007 March 25

Now a little of tango show. Can you recognize who he is? ;) This man has a perfect technique. He really knows how to make tango movements.

2007 March 25

Cell Block "Tango" from "Chicago" movie. I just wish they danced more there instead of go-go dancing. This movie was one of the greatest disappointments for me: there is no dancing there! Or if there is something - it can not be perceived with pleasure because of the cuts and mosaic montage. Pretty suitable for advertisement. The whole movie is nothing but an ad of the broadway show. But that is all right - I love Renee Zellweger in anything.

2007 March 20

I thought I had this video, but it looks like not: Jorge Torres and great Mariela Franganillo. Wow. Their's Vals and Milonga. Classical performances of Salon of 50s. Well, Jorge is one of the most famous professional dancers. What they've shown with Mariela is the ideal dancing. I can not imagine anything better. Another dance with Mylene - this is done in Salon of 20s style.

Here is how Ney Melo and Jennifer dance Milonga. Also very good. Do you see it? Still Salon, but it is a little more peppery, with more touch of ancient Canyengue and Orillero.

More videos with Jorge Torres and Mariela Franganillo: Slow Slow Tango. Salon.  One more - slow and "simple".

By the way Jorge is teaching here in Palo Alto at our club on Monday April 23. And Ney on April 25.

2007 March 9

Records from Valentango 2007.

Incredibly gifted couple: Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi. Their Website. Another performance of the same dance. Recording...is much better in the first one, but this one has very quite music and I can hear the dancers moves. It makes my skin shiver.

2007 March 8

Educational example of Traspie, a nice record from a lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpJRhda4cfY

2007 March 7

Stars of our show today are Eduardo Cappussi y Mariana Flores. Please, welcome !

Great Masters of Tango Dance - tango is done is the "Salon of 20s" style.

Shoking scenic image

Have fun !

Here is their website: Eduardo Cappussi Y Mariana Flores - I am sure you will love the excepts from their DVD.

And Cumparsita as a grand finale. Full dance.

2007 March 6

Bautiful dance containg many very simple but very intersting elements: Osvaldo y Coca. I just wish they were 50 years younger...
Thank you, Oleh !

One more masterpiece of Maestro Gavito y Geraldine Rojas en la Viruta ! Someone sais it was his last dance. Another one. This is called Apilado.

What about an amazing dance of these, young tango dancers? Sergio Natrio & Alejandra Arrue. Do you know more about them? Not only 90-years old can dance. This is not Nuevo Tango, not Neo Tango. This is classical Tango. It reminds me Orillero style a lot.

To support the evidence here is the street dancing in Buenos Aires. Ok, Ok, this is too a performance, and a milonga... Orillero is Tango-Milonga.

2007 March 5

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIb7hyWUSgg - music is the great alternative tango as you can see it..

2007 February 28

Wonderful, wonderful 13 min short movie about tango. Please, be patient, it starts little slow. I'm sure you would love it ! And it is educational one too - great dancing! Learn Volcada here. Thank you, Dario !

What is "Perdizione", or "Perdition" in English? Hell. {Synonyms: Inferno, infernal region, nether region, pit }(Christianity) The abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment; "Hurl'd headlong...To bottomless perdition, there to dwell"- John Milton; "a demon from the depths of the pit". Sometimes translated to Russian as Погибель.

2007 February 27

A EVARISTO CARRIEGO - a historic video of Gavito and Marcela Duran from which everything started from.

2007 February 27

Tom Stermitz wrote an article about what musical qualities make tango Tango

2007 January 30

Francisco Canaro plays himself in his own movie: Theatrical version of back Candombe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7wbRu_Gago;
Mariano Mores plays himself: Tango Militar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQd9ar7lpxI
Thank you, Chris!

2007 January 26

A collection of links to the media articles about social dancing in general "Why Dance". Its creator, Michael Hanrahan, thinks that social dancing is the area of Social Recreational Dance "Industry". He even talks about Strategic Opportunities in Social Recreational Dance Markets. It is not something which I advise tango dancers to rush to read. No, but I'd like to keep the link to see what is going to happen next.

2007 January 23

A friend have sent me these 4 videos. I am sure he'd love me to include it here. Great mix of old and new !

Fluidity - Cruising-like tango - Murat Erdemsel and NN
Laurenz: Amurado - Murat Erdemsel and Mariana Galassi
Tango by Puppy Castello and Geraldine Rojas - watch it, it much more interesting than it seems at first.

Here is another video with Murat Erdemsel and Mariana Galassi. All elements here are performed with extreme clarity. Very good educational video. This is a good example because Murat leads here classical, Nuevo, and Neo elements in his fluid, but pretty classical manner. Thank you, my friend, for the good examples!

2006 December 27

Poor quality pictures, good quality dancing: CatalunyaTango. Look at Cunita! Perfect example.

2006 December 26

An Entertainment company ( "owns" musicians and other entertainers ) "Three rivers Entertainment". that is how you get into bigbiz, it looks like. Has lists of popular songs.

2006 Dember 24

Here is a huge tango blog "The Topic is Tango". There is a wealth of thoughts and information there. Oh, where does he get it from?

2006 December 19

One more video of Jorge Dispari & La Turca. When, when these Masters are going to come to San Francisco !!!

Finally found ( thanks to tremendous effort of Ney Melo, a good tango dancer and teacher ) internet videos of Tete y Silvia. Tete videos from Daniel Trenner collection made a huge impact on me when I was learning tango. Here they are: Tete y Silvia tango, Tete y Silvia Vals, Tete y Silvia Performance. Simple.

Here is another great dance: Matteo y Patricia Tango Vals. Conservative.

Here is much more modern style of dancing: Ricardo Barrios y Laura Melo Tango. But keeping in line with tradition.

These tangos are not perfect. The dancing is too raw and dancers are less experienced and confident, but they have some interesting elements there ( 2 dances in the clip). I have found that for me ( I am speaking for myself only ) new element structure is better visible on not-perfect examples.

2006 December 18

Take a look at this Canyengue photo. Still alive in Buenos Aires ( and not only ! )

2006 November 15

An article about "Tango Fire" show in New York. Nice photo !  Sometimes some tango people pre-judge tango show performances for their being too exaggerated. Tango performance is a sequence of visual symbols. It emphasizes the human soul and what is going on in it during a tango dance. When they dance, they do not show the way to dance tango, but the way we feel dancing tango. It is our feelings expressed visually, loud, and to the farthest person in the hall.

2006 October 22

Here the link to a russian tango web-site photo page. It is in Russian. I watched it many times and I'd like to keep a link to it. The site has many unusual for us ideas and positions. Where did they get it from ? Vintage photos?

2006 October 11

I have bumped into the article: "Tango: Theme of Class and Nation"

published in "Ethnomusicology" in May, 1976 ! Thirty years ago ! You can only see the first page. But it clearly states that tango was still very popular in Argentina.

Another revealing historical page: "Tango, Gender and Nationalism"

It mentions

    • The emergence of tango as a political symbol in opposition to the Argentine government [ Igor: Tango was a symbol in previous times of Eva Peron known for her populist policies. That was the so called "golden age" of tango in 1940s up to her death in 1952: large orchestras were paid by government.]

    • Official encouragement of a 'neofolklore' to challenge the tango in public affections

2006 October 7

One more Gavito video. Here it happens that he dances two dances: slower and faster. Wonderful partner !

Here something which is a show tango, people should know what it is. A lot of jumps, shows, legs, and a nice butt ! When some people say looking at their friends at the dance floor: "Oh, they dancing too fast", or "they through up the legs ! - this is wrong, it is show tango" they are not right. This what  is show tango. Actually too much of a show and too little of tango.

So this is not show tango: Ezequiel Farfaro and Milena Plebls.

Here is Fabian Salas and Cecilia Gonzales, well known outside of Argentina dance in Nuevo and Neo circles. A simple slow dance.

Continuing, here is the old old famous Puppy Castello and Geraldine Rojas. Very simple dance, a lot of perfectly and slowly made interesting and classical figures - excellent educational material.

Here are some clowns present a very poor tango show ( said in Buenos Aries ). That is what you get if you are a tourist, have extra money, and does not have a clue: do not watch it, do not waste your time !

Well, to finish, on a positive note, here what you can bump into on the streets of Buenos Aires, if you are lucky. Tango the way it used to be ( Tango Orillero ). Here is another dance of the same man with different partner: Marisa Galindo y Jose Carlos Romero Vedia practice....

See you next time !

2006 October 2

Andres Laza Moreno y Samantha Dispari Tango. Three more in one clip. Look at what could be called Volcada on the 1:30 sec of the first clip! Ah!? The second dance is a Milonga. All three are great. A waterfall of new ( for us ) elements.

2006 September 27

My latest discovery: Samba Gafieira. A brazilian tango? Here are some links to videos. Thank you, my friend !

2006 September 27

Buenos Aires Barrio Map; ( Barrio - neighborhood, district );

"I loved the milongas, especially the milongas of the barrios - Sunderland in Villa Urquiza, Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo, Canning, Sin Rumbo, La Galeria in Boedo, Juvenil in Almagro, Los Andes near La Chacarita, Cochabamba in San Telmo, Salon La Argentina and Confiteria Ideal in the Centro, Club Almagro in Almagro " [Link]

2006 September 15

Meet Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. Tango Vals; Tango; One more tango; This is dancing ! Julio Balmaceda website.

Now another couple. Slow slow milonga. Watch the rhythm! JORGE DISPARI y LA TURCA - milonga; Here they dance Tango ; One more. This is Salon of 20s style.

Now "Neo Tango" style, if you are interested. For comparison. Pablo Villaraza y Dana Frigoli Tango.

I hope I have answered your questions about the difference between Nuevo and Neo?

Back to classics. Slow mix of Salon of 20s with Orillero: Fabian Peralta y Natacha Poberaj Tango.

Here is an unknown couple is dancing in the salon style with the taste of Canyengue ( not Canyengue, but the taste of it ! ).

Here is a waltz a professional couple makes on stage. Very nice. And here is another great tango couple. A show dance! Show dancers dance not only for aficionado audience. They also dance.. well.. in shows. So, it is the whole different art of entertainment. It is not good when show dancers teach show dance as a social dance, but those who make pretty clear distinction are wonderful. Good luck on stage too!!!

Here is a good example, when an old man Natucci(?) dances visually simple but internally complex and musical dance. He just leads. His partner is a Neo woman dancing in Nuevo Close Embrace. This is a little strange mix, but as you can see the dance is nice. I think it is very educational.

Gustavo Naviera, if I am not mistaken, a founder of Tango Nuevo also can dance classical. Here is his dance. And Fabian. Hey, guys, what happened to tango Nuevo?

2006 September 11

Tango Vals danced in the same like Javier sweet classical manner: Matteo and Patricia Tango Vals. No sweat guys, no sweat!

Another Slow Slow Tango: Claudia Codega & Esteban Moreno. Very simple.

And here, for the sake of comparison, Sebastian Arce e Mariana Montes. Neo Tango dancers settled in Paris and Sacramento. I guess Buenos Aires was too crowded for them. There is no discussion about tastes, so to speak, but I have to admit the dance is very creative with a lot of interesting ideas.

2006 Septmeber 7

Bravo! Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse dance Tango!
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqtm_mpxAok&mode=related&search=
Here they dance milonga.

Pugliese Tango in their performance. In Buenos Aires! This is somethng which I would call "Orillero in close embrace".

Another one: JAVIER & GERALDINE Tango - simple and educational. Oh, what a Geraldine !!! I am melting....
Here is their another Milonga educational example. Unfortunately, they are so afraid to go to Apilado, that it significantly weakens their dance style.

2006 August 31

An interesting article about improvisation: "When the body takes over.....". Do you recognize our dance? Written by Carolien Hermans.

2006 August 28

And again tango dancers Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda from Seattle ( originally from Argentina ). A new movie. More about these great Argentine Tango dancers.

2006 August 25

Marty Sohl, a renown dance photographer and a fabulous tango dancer herself recently updated her website.

Pick up "Galleries", then "Argentine Tango", and you can see some great photos. Our local San Francisco tango celebrities and some Argentine names. Like Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran.

2006 August 25

Luciana Valle's videos. This is Tango Nuevo. Many young dancers dance like her, and many local teachers were taught by her. By the way, her partner at these videos is a dancer and teacher Alex Krebs from Portland USA. Interesting that she picked an American to present her on a Spanish website, isn't it

2006 August 26

And these tango examples I consider real good! Robin Thomas and Brigitta Winkler. Well, I love Brigitta, but look at a colgada Robin danced with Jennifer Olson!!! It is in the middle of the dance. There is one more.

2006 August 21

A titan of Nuevo tango Chicho's started to dance in close embrace. Here is the evidence. :)

2006 August 8

Interestingly written short history of Swing. I like their collection of historical dancing videotapes.

2006 August 8

Here is I think a very interesting example of melting Neo and Classic tango together: ( very very slow download) "Due De Amor" Carlos Cañedo and Sandra Antognazzi. Rare video made with attention to all artistic details.

2006 July 24

Syncopation. Gallo Ciego. 6 Videos ( pop ups! ), 6 performances by the best Argentine dancers to the same music: Gallo Ciego and a wonderful streettango clip: this is en example of Orillero style of dancing.. I especially want to direct your attention to Miguel Angel Zotto y Milena Plebs and that street tango clip. Thank you Chris for bring it to our attention!

2006 July 14

Here is a wonderful and educational lyrical dance of Gustavo and Jesica Hornos from Buenos Aires. Now they are here, in San Francisco.

2006 July 12

Not so new musical show: Swango. A mix of swing and tango. Dancers on the first page are Patricio Touceda and Eva Lucero. Wonderful dancers and teachers. I was shocked how simple, in just several words they opened the greatest secrets of Apilado: how to lead and follow it.

2006 July 9

Tango? No need to wait till you are old. An imaginative castle is as real as your senses !
A picture.

2006 July 1

In my search what is really Corte means I have found some sites. For example. Here is a ballroom site with a lot of useful pictures and explanations. A different world, isn't it? With other rulers.

2006 June 29

Looking for corte definition I have found this: "Secrets of the Tango - 1914" : http://www.totaltango.com/acatalog/tango_secrets_1914_39.html ( a book) and this: "The Dancing Tango Series - How to get Maximum Pleasure from Dancing Tango": http://www.totaltango.com/acatalog/tango_mysteries_72.html

2006 May 20

Look at all this tango fun! This is a tango site of Pino Ellul from a small town in Australia. Thank you for the link! It looks like you guys know how to tango..

2006 May 18

Tangoteca site has some info about D'Arienzo discography.

2006 May 16

What is connection in accordance to Wiki, and related terms: Leverage and Compression. Also an article about Syncopation  and Off-Beat could be useful for tango dancers. They also talk there about exchange of lead and follow which they call "stealing the lead" or Hijacking ( another term "Backleading" descrbes bad habits )

2006 April 12

Here I believe is a very good and educational example of argentine tango performed by Fred and Anita Chu. This dance has a lot of authentic tango elements performed in a way that everyone can learn them easy. Thank you!

Here is another example: Argentine Tango Vals performed by Fred and Anita. I believe this is an excellent educational material and wonderful performance. Please, continue what you do!

2006 April 12

Noelia and Nahuel Barsi, students of Rodolfo and María Cieri ( Maria Cieri ).

2006 April 4 ( Woops, 5-th already!)

New video of beautiful Jennifer Bratt and handsome Neo Melo. That is tango! D'Arinezo! ( The camera operator must have been drunk - was not able to hold his camera still.. ).

2006 April 1

Caroline Peattie and Christopher Nassopoulos have a new website. Here they have a nice video - dancing in modern milonguero style.

2006 March 22

That what musicality is: it is not tango, it is not dancing - it is a juggler . Watch the video! Musicality at it's peak!

2006 March 16

Rick McGarrey and his Argentinean wife, Alejandra moved to a new server with a greatly updated site. Rick and Alejandra spend a lot of time dancing in Buenos Aires and meeting and filming milongueros. They had some troubles from people who do not understand the importance of their research. I am glad that they are able to keep up. I do not always agree with their historical interpretations, but their stories and pictures are most interesting and useful for a tango aficionado. Indeed, invaluable!
So here is their new site: TANGO AND CHAOS IN BUENOS AIRES.
Wonderful work, thank you!!!

2006 March 9

A photogallery about what tango is.

2006 March 7

Here is the movie, video of Nick Jones and his partner Tara Fortier at the latest Portland festival. Magnificent!
Read a little more about Nick in my blog. There are more nice videos on that ^ site, including Murat and Mariana, Andres and Meridith, and burning milonga of Oliver and Luna.

2006 March 3

Some Asado pictures. ( in Russian ). Buenos Aires from the same site. Tell me about a site with better pictures!

2006 March 3

Here is a set of large dancing postcards. They are made by a person who knows tango. The artist is Misha Lenn.

2006 February 15

Joe's blog has lots of stuff about tango.

2005 November 27

A message from a Nuevo dancer Andres Amarilla: "All steps of the week on line!" (new window).
Looks inventive!
Looks very inventive..

Here is his classical Argentine Tango performance when he was a boy video. Look for "Andres & Geraldine Rojas: Mala Junta October 1993". Very long download. ( it is the first now )

2005 November 6

A pleasant Russian Tango club site with all important Russian links. Very funny description of terms, but по-русски.  Interesting photo.

2005 November 3

I can not miss this one: a tango article in Economist. Another interesting article. Arguable, as most tango articles, but I like many places.

2005 November 2

Thanks to Piia Savolainen: Finnish Tango. Here Piia describes differences between Argentine Tango and Finnish Tango. To me it sounds like tango very much. Here are more links from her:  The tango and the Finnish soul at the Virtual Finland site, and The Finnish Tango. It's history and characteristics. from Finnish Music Information Center. Here is a video of Finnish Tango: click on Satumaa picture! ( a note from Piia: "people in this particular clip seem to have got some influence from ballroom.. The dancing in the actual dances doesn't look so much like this. For example the upper bodies are not separated and elbows don't stick out as much"). I have watched this video with pleasure: excellent connection, very sensitive and musical. Close Embrace! Nice Tango feel. Simple? Not that simple. And who said that simple is bad? Look at this wonderful finnish tango video! ( "Keijo Purasen.." - the fist link. 25M! )

Here Piia answered my question about where to get old Finnish music:

The best old composers:
Toivo Kärki
Unto Mononen

The most famous old singers:
Olavi Virta
Reijo Taipale
Eino Gröhn
Henry Theel

Younger singers:
Jari Sillanpää
Arja Koriseva
Marita Taavitsainen
(these are just a few of many)

"Tango is not so popular now as it was just after the war. But it is gaining more popularity again, the period of revival started in the beginning of the 1990's. The people who dance tango, dance also other social dances, because when you go to the dance, they don't play just tango. The usual repertoire includes tango, valssi (waltz), foxi (quick foxtrot), slow foxtrot, jenkka and polkka."

Thank you!

2005 November 1

How to get more advantage of private classes. And here is even better advice.

2005 October 30

Nice photo-record of Neo and Nuevo Tango at Portland 2005. Very good photographer. That is my arm here. Thanks a bunch!

Here are candid pictures of my wonderful partners and me dancing. Photographer - Jennifer Bratt. Igor Polk 1, Igor Polk 2, Igor Polk 3, Igor Polk 4.
I am here too. Guess where?

2005 Ocober 28

Tango in Turkey. It was and is very popular there! Here are pictures of Ataturk dancing tango, and here is the site.

2005 October 21

Eva Lucero & Patricio Touceda video - It has two videos.
Watch the first very informative video of their little performance. En examplary perfect open salon of 50s.
The second video is a video of their class which is not presented very well to my deepest regret.
I know Patricio and Eva as wonderful and very knowledgeable teachers. Last year in Portland they have opened the most important secrets of close embrace dancing to the crowd of 100 of astonished people. Why not a 1000?

2005 October 8

Here is another fun cartoon movie about dancing: Perk. Not tango! :)

2005 October 3, 2005

Looking for origins of Tango Liso, I have found this tango historical article. With photos!
Another one. In spanish.

2005 September 30

Richard Powers is one of the interesting people around who stands at the root of Tango reincarnation in America. Some time ago I have found his site not knowing who he is and that is my little discussion with Mr. Powers . Here is an interview with Richard who is currently a professor at Stanford. You can find there something new about development of Tango in San Francisco.

Richard is very much into vintage dancing. He choreographed a wonderful show "Peer Tangos" in 2000 representing the history of Tango dance. Many wonderful dancers I know participated. Richard reconstructed tangos from old times, including old salon, french, and Vernon Castle-s. Most wonderful presentation! One of my most beloved tapes!

2005 September 9

Roberto Volta's art . I find a lot of inspiration for dances in painting. It allows free flow of ideas. Painting, art can show much more than a photograph. It can explicitly show movement, character, feeling. And an ideal, desired dancing position.

2005 August 30

Videos of Robin and Jennifer Bratt. No words needed.

2005 August 23

It looks like the following links pretend to contain an encyclopedia of Tango:
as well as many other dances. They have quite extensive collection of video links. Video links are scattered all around the site.


2005 August 18

1-st International CineTango film festival in Toronto. Look at these pictures! Unfortunately, in the descriptions it is difficult to find who are the principal dancers. The thing which matters for me most. Ok. Where can I buy the films?

2005 July 23

Deco is very Tango. Deco years are 1910-1920th. The time of the first wave of Tango around the world. They have danced Tango at those glorious years and places! Here is an Art Deco Society web site. They have the calendar of events and places currying Deco decorations. They are just asking for Tango!

2005 July 23

Nice collection of Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel movies:  http://www.tangodesalon.de/en/evideo.htm. It looks like they are from a newer generations of close embrace dancers of US and Europe judging by his "waving butt" and the whole style of moves. I never saw an Argentinean doing this. Other than that - it is a nice collection of slow salon close embrace dances with inclusions of canyengue feel when he bends his knees. Very subtle lead and very sensitive follow. Pleasant! You can find here wide variety of nice movements clearly made - good education material. She is perfect and very beautiful.

2005 Jyly 17

Thank to Andrew SZYMAQSKI, this movie is found: Gavito. Oh!

2005 July 9

The best description of what tango styles are I have found so far:

"And as for the correct labels of tango styles? I have asked probably 100 men in BsAs what they call their style and you know what they answer? They say "Es el mio" - It is mine. Or, they might say, "Es de mi padre/barrio/liso/simple." but they never say 'Close embrace milonguero style'.!!! " ---- Florida Nancy

2005 June 29

A reportage about milonguero dancing ( Milonguero is a great dancer dancing usually in close embrace, not a style ). I do not agree with everything the author said ( I do not know his name ), but what he did is wonderful and extremely useful for all of us. Great pictures!!! Thank you!!!
And thank you, Oleh!

2005 May 30

Nice tango animation (new window). Nice music. Nice feeling.. I knew about it. It was published on respectful animation websites. Watch other art movies of Nuria. You will find there incredibly sensitive pieces.

2005 May 23

Old tango videos online!!! webpage. El Cachafaz is dancing in the first clip. I guess the page was inspired by Corte and Quebrada discussions. Lot of authors keep saying that it was forbidden to dance these figures. How funny it sounds in our times! But the mystery of Quebradas is not solved yet.

2005 May 23

New "Kiss and Tango" book, by Marina Palmer. Just look at the cover!

Yet another Flash website :( It may look good, but what is the use, if no one is able to find you on the internet? Of course, if friends are not linking to you!

2005 May 20

Brainwash came to dancing! Here is the example. Breakin' it Down With Laurie Ann Gibson, Instructional Dance Video tells you about hip hop dance and about the art of modern penetration into your private brain ( Click on the View TV Spot in the top-right corner to view the art and science of advanced Matrix, how it establishes a direct link to your instinct of desire. Very instructional ) Dance like a superstar indeed! This dance video is available on DVD or VHS. I dread to imagine that one day marketing superstars find Argentine Tango a valuable field for exploitation. Hope it will never become their Latest Hot Music Video topic..

Tango works on subconscious level too. On the level of senses, emotions, and instincts. Only in opposite way. It effectively blocks unwanted influence and cleans up the mind.

Here is a little animation clip about how signs affect our life. It is in russian, but there is very little russian there: mult.ru

2005 May 2

"Why you dance tango with such serious faces?" We all know why. Because we are in deep concentration and meditation, but we do not have to keep our faces emotionless. Look at this tango photo of Veronique from Madrid. There are more tango photos of Veronique at Tarbes Tango Festival here. ( Sorry, photos where deleted from that site, I can not find them any more). Her e-mail is julioluque69 @ hotmail.com ( eliminate white spaces ). Great performance!

2004 December 13

Intelligent Dancing - this is about difference between art and craft. How improvisational dancing helps to develop and sustain intelligence. Improvisational dancing is dancing when you think every millisecond of the dance, not following memorized patterns. Thinking does not go on conscious level during the dance. It would be unthinkable. It happens when you are study the dance. Remember those clunky steps? Intelligence is on the level of reflexes. It is like in a battle. It is idealization, of course. Using memory and thinking is mixed in every dance. Thinking is directly connected to the creative process. Improvised dance is the act of creation right on spot. This is one of the pleasures of life, pleasure to create, one of the basic needs, and probably most useful. Good thing about it is that everyone can do it. Gaining society's appreciation is not necessary. That is a different domain akin to pleasure of power. Pleasure of creation flames within myself, it is private. My own blood boils and waves of excitement go along my body when I create. And I do love it!

For the good improvisational dance, the mind must be set up to fight memory. At every moment it must think "how to change it? How to surprise the partner? Oops, it feels the same way like I did several beats ago, let me do it differently". Variations are innumerable: change an angle, change speed, introduce a tap, a twist in an arm or body, move longer or shorter, stop, vibrate, do it in place, do it progressing, do it with a another direction of progressing, ... and so on. With the same figures and steps, but done differently.

Here are 2 very powerful methods of empowering improvisation: 1. Do exactly the same like the last several steps - once this symmetry is introduced - it becomes a figure! It is unusual in its equivalence. 2. If you make a change, a variation, make it several times ( more than 2 ) with increased difference. For example: step. Step longer. This is a variation already. Then step even longer! And more! That creates a variation of variations.

Ability to change your dance is a key to musicality. It is not enough to feel the music and try to play your own instrument as a dancer. You must BE ABLE to do it at any given moment!

I do not feel comfortable to associate it this way, but it make me feel like a god. To create, isn't it what gods do? Having power they entertain themselves creating. There is only one thing one can never get bored with. First of all, what is the pleasure of power? To design, to order, to control the process, and to see it happens. Creating! And it is not necessary to climb loosing values and teeth up some power pyramid to experience it. Climb a pyramid of your skills and dedication.

Creating is not only writing-painting. Doing anything new and unusual is creating. Almost all activities involve creation to some extent. Even collecting. Boring work? It is action without creation. My remedy to this is to find some creativity in my duties. I create a way to create. Then any job goes like flowing. I do not sell myself to an employer. I sell only the final result. The pleasure of creativity is mine.

What would be an activity which does not involve creation? Or to the minimal? Hmm... TV comes first to my mind. Mind bogging. To suck to a screen and turn into a sink of hypnotic instillements? No way! Then what? Hmm. Drinking? Hmm.. I am not sure. That is about it.



Silvana Mangano (el negro zumbon) from ANNA movie of 1951

Tango Examples. Here I do not endorse any dancers: it is done purely for the sake of availability and clarity of certain figures, elements and dance styles. Often it is better visible on examples which are far from perfect. Of couse, some of these examples are great dancing.

Famous Marta Anton and Manolo, the first people I know who popularized this style nowadays.
One more;
Martha Anton y 'El Gallego' Marolo;
Rodolfo and Maria Cieri in Campbell (1996! They were in Campbell, and we sitill do not dance Canyengue !?)

Here is a Milonga, but at the end at about 2:30 there is a deep apilado piece;
More about Apilado.

Pablo Veron

Tango Vals:
In a club - Tete & Silvia dance in Apilado;
A street way: Miriam & Hugo;
In a high-class Salon: Mariela Franganillo and Jorge Torres;
and Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa;
Need more?
Osvaldo y Coca.

A Salon way - Jorge Dispari y La Turca;
A street way - Unknown artists;
Javier Rodrigues y Geraldine Rojas - students of Jorge Dispary;

Orilleros dancing Salon:
Nito and Elba

Neo Tango examples: Mariano y Cosima ;
- Chicho in Paris 2007;
Matias Facio & Kara Wenham, Koln,2007;

Neos dancing Salon:
Here is another video of Tomas Howlin. Now with
Florencia Taccetti; She is under influence of Neo Tango now.

Fast Salon Tango:
Ex1 ;

Candombe: (Candombre)
at San Telmo;
There is nothing to it, just an African dance..
So, if one wants to dance Tango Candombe, one has to know how to move her/his hips ! That is all, folks.

El Indio;

Neo Tango dancers dance show tango in classical style.
Tango. Amateurish quality, but quite a view nice elements are present.

Modern Tango with weak embrace:
Assassination Tango closing credits;

One more;
And this one;

Eastern, Ballet version:
Salome, film by Saura ;

Belly dancing:
Argentinean group;
Astrid; Sevtali (with floorwork)
Golden woman;
Tahya's website;
with wings;
Traditional Bukhora dance;

from Kamerun;

Indian Subcontinent:

Fanny Ara;
In Barcelona;
Carmen Amaya;
Antonio Ruiz;
Antonio y Rosario; "Tango.. la Macarona" :)

Finals; 2005; Working class dance; Finals 2007 ( muszyka tolstyh ili prevraschenie cheloveka obratno v... ).
- This is Charleston: in the middle of the dancers, there is a couple dancing something slow. What is it they dance? That is my main question. Somebody say that it is Peabody, After reading the description, I can say - it remarkably looks like Tango danced to foxtrot music ( try it! ). Tango was well known in America at the time Peabody was "invented".
Charleston ( 11:30 min starts). Amateurish quality, memorized pseudo-dance, but some nice elements are present for reference.
And this is done by also by amateurs, but real dancers.
Al & Leon;
JustSomeMotion solo modern, cool!;

Lindy Hop:
Montreal 2012;
Savoy website;
A movie: Forget about your worries and your strive, dance, dance, people ! 1941.
That is, I guess, their festival;
And finally, new Lindy Hop Showdown 2006!
And a simple one - with tango elements!
Kevin & Carla - smooth

Lindy Hip-Hop:
- Nuevo Lindy ? Oh, gosh, I love it !!!

- A "Funny jitterbug instructional video". It is funny and not very instructional.
- Three basic steps;

- Coooool ! ( 30 years ago recording);
- another one: Sam and Barbara;
- and that is how they would dance when young: Hal & Betty Takier. Wow ! ( that is a show thought..)
- Hellzapopping. Balboa Nuevo ? :))))
Masterful manipulation. Old.

Stephen Sayer - simple;
Stephen & Chandrae - show

One more;
What distinguishes dancing from posing? Rhythm expressed in the body.

Something simple.


"Dance Modern":
"Cuban Rap"

Son Cubano:
Another Son;
Son cubano par Carlos Rafael Gonzalez et Marie Line !!!!!!!!
Sophie & Moi;
se va el caimán;

Cuban Rumba:
www.latidosproductions.com; ( couple dance at 2.50 ! );
Simlar, couple dance at 30 for 10 sec.
Afro-Cuban; How natrual movements of these people are in contrast to majority of videos about Cuban dance! They are generated by the spirits of heart, not brain.

Cuban Dance ( they call it Mambo )

Prende La Vela con Maria A. Pons y Kiko Mendive; - mambo? (en la pelicula "Pasiones Tormentosas", filmada en Mexico en 1945 y estrenada en 1946);
Kiko Mendive y Maria Antonieta Pons Cantan y Bailan : "MI NEGRA MORA";
She again: (interesting dance)

movie examples; ( a clown and Lilia Prado ) !
Old class; ( Cuban)
Simple.. ( Lilia Prado );
Song; ( Artistism)
Lilia Prado 1;
Hip-push expl of "2";
Yismari Ramos Tellez mambo solo
group (white);

Salsa Rhythm explanations:
1, 2, 3;
Clave and Rock-n-roll;

Gabriel Romero;
miguel y claudia;

Original: Te Extrano;
hot and nice;

Ballroom Mambo:
Jose Decamps and Joanna Zacharewicz

Crazy Salsa:
Very crazy;
Another one;
Poses: Karen Forcano y Ricardo Vega;

Basic Salsa:
on 2;

Hip-Hop, Breakdance:
Breakdance - Hip Hop Battle;
One more - a single dancer on stage. Can not belive my eyes! He beats them all !

Nuevo from 1920!

Caucasus dances
Couple dance
A wedding dance. Super !
Man's dance ( by the way, they speak Russian )


Pole Dance:
This is art.. and sport. ( Turn off the stupid music )

Virtual dances:
Lineage 2

Elizabeth's very diligent tango blog

Polish, Moiseev



(note again: these are not necessarily performances I personally like or endorse)

Gabriel Misse in SF - A very powerful and technical dancer presents figures and moves of famous milongueros. Unfortunately, because of this, since it does not always fall to the music, this video can be put only here.

Ezequiel Farfaro and Eugenia Parilla
( yes, yes, I know, there are many and better variations..)

Sacada atras:
Achterwaartse sacade;

Russian vulgarities:
-- Professor - get ready for elections ( in russian) ! What happens behind the TV screens..
-- Some Like it Hot ( a russian version )
-- Dancing everywhere ( "I have the most beautiful ..oppa !" ). Through the TV out in the garbage and love your spouse, go dancing real, go dancing Tango!
-- Feel Russian life. This was our life. First life.
- A scene from a russian revolution: Jacob the Gipsy dancing ( the russian version of "Green Party";)
-- A typical russian party. Do you understand now why I am so crazy at dancing!? ( If you can't handle 7 min of russian talk - the song starts at 7th min. ). Bonus ( Severnye Devki - Verka Serdjuchka)
-- Russian Tango: Svad'ba v Malinovke. A soldier teaches a country woman a dance he have learned in Germany during 1914. The "operetta" ( musical) was first staged in 1937; Movie version - 1968. I was dying of lough watching it !
-- "Hellow, I am your aunt" Tango. It is pretty boring clip, besides some elegant tango moves ;)

Nuevo style representation:
Humberto Décima;

Butt dances:
two ladies in panther pants;




Traditional Japanese Dance with men.


Bharata Natyam;
Odissi dancing;


Just random links

Frida Kahlo movie tango

I have found a site about italian immigration to US.

Quite a lot of random tango video clips: http://www.oabrazo.blogspot.com . Mostly Nuevo.

Directory of tango videos on Google and YouTube: http://eng.tango.info/videos. Non-systematic.

One more tango blog. A lot of links. It is called Fishnet and Fedora.

Street Tango: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMyoblyBfE8 ( Orillero )

Valeria Solomonoff and Omar Vega. Candombe Milonga


How to turn people into robots. Kinda educational.

Mariano Mores. 2 very short milonga sequences starting at about 2:40.

* * *
2007, November 22

"From Guru Gustavo, a tango ===> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urHler9eZvo# and a Vals ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlmNhQpex8M# The Following is not quite tango, nevertheless musicality is above average :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhl-qpDd7fY# Enjoy, IL"

2004 May 28

I have found this essay about tango lead and follow quite interesting.

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