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Samba Gafieira

A brazilian tango?

video1; an interesting basic move;
another video, more professional;
the best video so far; The same couple? At least the same he ;

And this is what showmen do with it. Nice, but is not pure.

And for comparison. One more ! Paulo and Isabelle Franco, Forro.

A night cup. Sleep well !.. ( that link does not always work, here is another one to the same performance:
Gafieira Show - Paulo Franco & Isabelle Franco)

Jee... what about this one !

And the grand finale of our show today !!! That what is called DANCING !


PS. more - show including many dancers. It surprises me with every clip.
Modern Forro? - that is what you can use to avert attention from the freaky freak dancing hype.
Much more conservative little sample.

Simple but reach example. Good for learnig.
Blond teachers are here as soon as can be possible.
Whew... How amazingly reach this dance is...

* * *
Here is simple but reach example. Nice figures!

* * *
I like some moves from here;

Here Gafieira is danced by beginners - very sweet and educational.


This is famous Lambada clip form 1989 by Kaoma. Images from the worlds that passed.. Can you find a bandoneon there?
How little we were shown...



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Tango dancing on the streets of San Francisco
Igor Polk.