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On this site you will find the most popular chords in C-Am keys. Many more chords in all keys can be found in the book. However most of the musical pieces can be played over few chords. For example, La Cumparsita tango uses only 4 chords in the key of G minor. It would be convenient to have them all plus G minor scale on one sheet.

Here is an affordable option for you to order diagrams in your key in the order you specify. Please, e-mail me your list sales@virtuar.com. When the diagrams are ready, you will be billed through PayPal. Upon payment a printable file will be provided for you. Alternatively, you can write a check.

Some chords are not presented in the book. You can order them here also. Not only PAD diagrams: any exercises mentioned in the book or on this site in any key.

For only $5 I will prepare up to 8 diagrams of your particular choice of chords in the same key. The only requirement is that they have to match your musical piece, not to be random.

If you have difficulty finding what diagrams are suitable, mail me your score, and I will make a match for you.

E-mail me your list: sales@virtuar.com

No payment necessary until diagrams are ready


Thank you !
Igor Polk


Available keys:

C-Am key signature
G-Em  key signature
F-Dm  key signature
D-Bm  key signature
Bb-Gm  key signature
A-F#m  key signature
Eb-Cm  key signature
E-C#m  key signature
Ab-Fm  key signature
B-G#m  key signature
Db-Bbm  key signature
Gb-Ebm  key signature

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Available PAD in the key C - Am: Help | Home | Explanation | Musical Structure of Guitar | Success without memorizing | Forums, Groups
Notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B
Triads of C major scale: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim, tetrads: Bm7b5, G7
Triads of A minor scale: E, other: A
C blues scale C7, F7, G7
Chords over C major scale: C, G, F, Em, Am, Dm, Bdim
Chords over A minor scale: Am, Dm, E, G, C, F, Bdim
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