Tango Festivals List: 2011-2020

Here is the list of tango festivals I have heard about. This is me Igor Polk. I am dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco.

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The Tango Festivals list is updated as soon as organizers send me the info. This is a rather list to websites, dates are approximate and some festivals are cancelled ( but still maintaining websites). Check the schedule with organizers! Need corrections? E-mail me ( I am sorry, I do not put festivals in the list unless asked ) "True Festivals" or "Dance Camps"? . Regular Tango weekends can be here also, and cruises !







Tango Festivals List: USA, Canada, Mexico, South America
Click here for: Europe, Asia | Africa

Month Date ( approxi- mate) Where Name of the tango festivals and some information Links
January around 1 Providence New Year Tango Festival ( with alternative spice, I believe ). They run it in such secret, that they even can not advertise it on the Web! Contact them, if you have questions. There is an unbelievably long milonga there!  
January 12-14 Toronto, ON,


January 21-24 Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Tangofest website2005
January 25-27 Houston, TX Houston Tango Festival website
January 31-Feb2 Honolulu, Hawaii The 2nd Hawaii Paradise Tango Festival
at the Ala Moana Hotel near the beautiful beaches of Waikiki and great shopping
February 10-13 Dominican Republica Punta Cana II Fest 2012 website
February 15-20 Portland, OR Annual ValenTango website | 2007 | 2005
February 18-25 Puerto Rico Cruis

Argentine Tango Group Cruise - February 18-25, 2012.

or: Harford
February 20-25 Maui, Hi Maui Tangofest website 2007
February 24-26 Punta del Este, Uruguay the first international Tango Festival website
February 27-Mar1 New Deli, India Tango Fireworks - Three days of passion in mystic India website
February 27-Mar2 Austin, TX YoLaTango Austin website
March 2-4 Tempe, AZ ASU Tango Experience website
March 9-11 Washington, CD, Arlington, VA ¿por qué no? Festival website
March 7-10

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Tango Festival website
Not held any more.
18-20 Washington DC DC Tango Marathon.
In memory of Anne-Sophie. Here is her website.
website ( 2009 and back)
March 28-30 Austin, Texas Austin's Spring Tango Festival 2014 website
March 28-Apr 1 Rosemont, IL 2019 Chicago Tango Festival website
March 29-Apr 2 Fort Bragg, CA Dancing Fools’ Tangofest 2012
March 30-Apr 1 Todos Santos, Mexico TodosTango Festival 2012 2012
April 1-3 MD Terrapin Tango Festival at the University of Maryland - College Park website
April 4-7 Fort Bragg, CA Fort Bragg Tango Festival website
April 5-8 San Francisco, CA Argentine Tango USA Festival and USA Championship website
April 5-8 Pasadena, CA Caltech Tango Festival 2012 website
April 8-10 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Tango Social website
April 11-17 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2011 Puerto Vallarta Tango Festival "Milongas will be held in exquisite villas with open air floors designed specifically for dancing" 2011
April 9-11 College Park Inaugural Terrapin Tango Festival at University of Maryland 2010
April 13-15 Purdue University, IN Tango your way to Purdue!  ( Alternative ) website
      Unique tango technique book  
April 26-28 Denver, CO NaturalTango Festival 2013
April 27-30 Sacramento, CA Neo Tango Festival
(I have heard rumors that this one is cancelled for 2007, check with organizers )
May 3-6 Montreal, Canada Neo Tango Festival website
May 6-10 Los Angeles- Santa Monica, CA The Santa Monica International Tango Holiday - The SMITH- 
the first annual tango festival in beautiful sunny Santa Monica, CA starring Claudio Gonzalez & Melina Brufman, Gabriel Angio & Natalia Games, Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales
May 17-21 Vancouver, Canada Vancouver's Tango Festival, Vantangofest 2012,
May 19-21 Champaign, IL Refinery Tango Festival
May 25-30 Denver, Colorado Annual Memorial Day TangoFest ( Milonguero ) website
May 24-27 Philadelphia, MA Philadelphia International Tango Festival website
May 25-28 Providence Annual Alternative Tango Festival
(I was told: no longer happening)


May 27-30 Houston, Texas Pampa Cortes presents Memorial Day Argentine Tango Festival website
May 27 - June 4 Miami, Florida Tango Fantasy program
May 28-30 Philadelphia 1st Philadelphia International Tango Festival website
June 2-4 Louisiville, KY Louisville Tango Festival website
June 4-7 Austin, Texas Fiesta De Tango website
June 13-16 Toronto, Canada 15th Annual Toronto Tango Festival website
June 15-19 Boston, MA The 8th Annual Boston Tango Festival
June 28-30 McCloud, CA "Mt Shasta Tango Vortex" (AKA Burning Tango) website
July 1-6 Chicago, IL Chicago Tango Week website
July 2-4 Phoenix, Arizona  Phoenix Tango Retreat 2010
July 1-8 San Francisco, California Annual Nora's Tango Week ( Salon ) website
July 4-7 Phoenix, AZ Phoenix TangoMarathon 2019 website
July 10-19 Montreal, Canada Montreal International Tango Festival website
July 21-24 New York, New York New York City Summer Tango Festival schedule
July 26-29 Seattle, Washington Annual Seattle Summer TangoMagic website | 2005
August 2-5 Toronto, Canada The Toronto Tango Experience website
August 5-7 New Orleans, Louisiana Planet Tango's New Orleans Tangofest website | 2005
August 5-7 Mt Vernon, MS Meet in the Middle website 2004
August 6-8 Victoria, Canada Passion For Tango Victoria Tango Festival website
August 6-9 Baltimore, Maryland Tango Element Baltimore website
August 15-17 Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore Tango Festival website
August 20-23 Minneapolis, MN Heartland Tango Festival website
August 28-30 Chicago International Chicago Tango Fest website
August 27 Hollywood, California HollywoodTango Festival website
August 31 - Sep. 5 Denver, Colorado Denver Labor Day Milonguero Fest website
Sept 2-5 Bermuda Bermuda's first Tango Festival 2010
Sept 4-6 Austin, TX YoLaTango Autsin Awebsite
Sept 6-9 Los Angeles, CA International Tango Summit & Argentine Tango World Cup
offers an exciting festival, full competition and live orchestra milongas. Inspired to include all styles of tango, there are over 50 workshops to choose from, multiple competition categories, a grand prize title and Orquesta Sans Souci.
2018 website
Sept 8-9 Vancouver BC LA GARUFA, International Argentine Tango Festival website
Sept 12-14 Brandon, VT Moonlight in Vermont Tango Weekend 2008
Setp 12-15 Chicago, Il En Tu Abrazo - Encuentro Milonguero III - is a gathering of like-minded dancers with a shared passions for milonguero connections while dancing to traditional tango music. 2019
Sept 14-20 Colombia First International Festival Tango and Milonga website
Sept 19-20 Las Vegas, NE Magic, Lucky Tango Nights
Sept 21-23 Vancouver, Canada Vancouver Tango Marathon website
Sept 26-29 Toronto, Canada Toronto Tango Experience website
October 2-5 Veckenstedt, Germany Tao Tango Retreat website
October 4-7 Boulder, CO 2018 Boulder Tango Festival
Website(2018), 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
October 6-8 Florida, FL Tampa Tango Festathon website
October 7-11 Portland, Oregon Annual Portland TangoFest website
October 7-15 New York, NY Shall We Tango NYC festival website
October 10-12

Princeton, NJ

Princeton Tango Festival

October 20-23 Toronto, Canada  El Congreso  Argentine Tango Congress website
October 21-23 Denver, CO Natural Tango Festival website
October 24-28 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Tango Festival website
October 26-28 Las Vegas, Nevada Red Carpet Tango Festival website
October 28-30 Puerto Rico Tango Del Encanto website
October 28-Nov3 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Puerto Vallarta Tango Seminar website
October ( will be November) 28-30 Boston, Massachusetts Tango de los Muertos website | ad on my page
October 28-30 Charlottesville, VA HallowTango Festival   website
October 2008 31-Nov 2 Los Angeles, CA First International Halloween Tango Congress, organized by Orlando Paiva Jr. and Laura Tate website
November 2007 2-4 Los Angeles, CA 3 US Festival Internacional de Tango Argentino
November 4-7 Albuquerque Albuquerque Tango Festival 2010
November 12-15 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles de Tango International Tango Festival website
November 24-27 Ashland, OR Ashland's TurkeyTango Festival 2011
November 25-29 Austin, Texas Annual Fandango de Tango website | 2005
November 28-Dec1 La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico La Paz Tango Festival website
December 6-8 Austin, Texas Annual Day of Tango website
December 6-9 St Louis, MO Hot Winter Tango III
December 8-10 Madison, Wisconsin Ochos on Ice: The First
Annual Madison Winter Argentine Tango Festival
December 10-12 Charlotte, NC Candlelight Tango Festival website
December 27-Jan 1 San Diego, CA San Diego Tango Festival website





Tango Festivals List: Europe, Asia

Monthly Tango Events

      Where Name Link
  every 3.weekend Berlin, Germany Las Milongas - Tangoweekend website


  Month Date ( approxi- mate) Where Name of the festival and some information Links
  Feb 21-28 Malta Malta Spa Tango 2020
  Feb 23-26 Helsinki, Finland Tango Frostbite website
  March 2-6 Istanbul, Turkey Tango To Istanbul festival website
  March 19-23 Nijmegen, Holland International Tango Festival Nijmegen "Doble Ocho" website
  March 28-30 Fukuoka, Japan Sakura Tango Festival
Roberto Herrera & Laura Legazcue、Rodrigo Palacios & Agustina Berenstein、Analia Carreño & Luis Ramirez、 Bruno Mayo & Cinthia Díaz
  March 30-April 1 Tuscany, Italy Montecatini Terme Tango Festivalito 2012 2012
  Apri 3-5 Berlin, Germany Trasnochando 2015
  April 8-11 Porto, Portugal Festival Internacional de Tango do Porto 2010
  April 8-12 Nijmegen, Holland International Tango Festival Nijmegen
"Doble Ocho"
2009, 2008
  April 9-11 Paris, France Festival Couleurs Tango 2010
  April 10-14 Porquerolles,  France Porquerolles Tango Meeting 2020
  April 23-26 Porto, Portugal Tango, Port de Honra, International Festival 2009
  April 23-May1 Krakow, Poland Krakow Tango Festival   website
  April 25-29 Beirut, Lebanon 4th edition of the Beirut International Tango Festival website
  April 26-28 Dublin, Ireland Dublin Festivalito website
  May 7-10 Bonn, Germany Bonner Tangofestival website
  May 13 London, Britain The Argentine Tango & Folklore London Music Festival website
  May 17-20 Nice, France Festival International de Tango des Illuminations Argentines website
  May 21-24 Luzern, Switzerland Tangofestival website
  May 23-26 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai Tango Festival 2012, 4th Edition website
  May 24-26 On Ferrol - A Coruña - Spain FESTIVAL TANGENTE 2019 website
  May 24-27 Bali, Indonesia Tango Bali Festival website
  May 24-28 Lausanne, Switzerland Les Tangofolies de Lausanne, 12th International tango festival, since 1994 website
  May 25-27 Sussex, England, UK England International Tango Festival
  May 26-30 Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon International Tango Festival website
  May 27-30 Alghero, Sardinia/Italy Tangofestival website
  May 28-31 Sardegna, Italy Tango festivAlghero website
  May 30-Jun2 L'Aquila, ITALY International L'Aquila Tango Festival website
  June 2-6 Formentera island, Spain Formentera Tango Festival website
  June 2-5 Messina, Italy MONTALBANO Tango Festival website
  June 3-6 Utrecht, Netherlands Tango Touch festival 2010
  June 8-10 London, GB Lady's Tango Festival website
  June 9-13 Berlin, Germany 11th International Tango Festival Berlin 2011
  June 10-13 Genova, Italy Genova Tango Festival website
  June 19-22 Prague, Czech R. Festival Tango Alchemie 2008
  June 24-27 Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand Tango Festival website
  June 25-28 Crete island, Greece Sunny Tango Festival & Marathon in Crete island 2020
  June 30-July 3 Porec, Chroatia Mideterranian Summer Tango Festival webpage
  July 1-3 Dublin, Ireland The Summer Fiesta with Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi website
  July 1-4 Istanbul, Turkey 7th International Istanbul Tango Festival
  July 2-10 Cagliari, Italy Tango Art Festival ( on the island of Sardinia ! ) 2011
  July 3-8 Toulouse, France TANGOPOSTALE, Festival International de Tango Argentin de Toulouse website
  July 5-8 Rhodes Island, Greece 1st Rodos Tango Festival website
  July 6-12 Austerlitz, near Utrecht (NL) 14th International TABOE Tango CAMP Homer & Christina Ladas, Mabel Rivero, Steve Moral, Peter van Enk & Pingel Braat, Paras Saghi & Paul Vossen website
  July 10-13 Rättvik, Sweden Tango Retiro Milonguero Festival website
  July 22-26 Corfu island, Greece Tango Greece Festival 2009 website
  July 23-31 Zürich, Switzerland Tango Week in Zürich website
  July 24-26 Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam Tango Marathon website
  July 27-29 London, UK London Tango festival website
  July 29-Aug 1 Odessa, Ukraine "Tango d'Amore" website
  August 10-16 Pohorje, Slovenia Tangocamp Slovenia website
  August 10-16 Catania, Sicily, Italy Catania Tango Festival website
  August 18-26 Tarbes, France Tarbes en Tango website
  Aug 25-28 Hamburg, Germany 14-th Hamburg International Tango Festival website
  Aug 26-Sep2 Riga, Latvia Tango Sun Festival in Riga, Latvia website
  Aug 26-29 Reykjavík, Iceland TANGO on ICEland festival website
  Sept 1-4 Opatija, Croatia International Tango Festival Opatija website
  September 2-9 Florence, Italy Apassionato Tango Week website
  September 7-11 FIVIZZANO, Italy

Tango-Festival / Tango-Marathon
with Chicho

  September 7-12 HAARLEM, The Netherlands Zangofestival
This festival connects singing and dancing with tango music
  September 10-13 Paris, France Abaneraz International Tango Festival website
  September 16-18 Tampere, Finland World of Tango Festival, Main Programme website
  Sept 16-19 Amman, Jordan International Tango Festival in Jordan website
  Sept 16-21 Wuppertal, Germany International Festival Wuppertal website
  Sept 29-Oct 2 Lodz, Poland 1st International Festival of Tango de Salon website
  Sept 30-Oct 4 Sydney, Australia Sydney Tango Salon Festival website
  Oct 2-4 Crete island, Greece El Greco Tango Festival website
  October 6-10 Tokyo, Japan

Japan International Tango Congress

  October 14-23 Devon, UK Tango Mango in Devon webpage
  October 16-19 Glasgow, Britain Glasgow Tango Festival website
  October 23-25 Prague, Czech republic Tango Fiesta Praha website
  Oct 24-Nov2 Albi, France Festival ARTETANGO in ALBI (France) website
  Oct 31-Nov 2 Antwerpen, Belgium The Tiempo Tango festival website
  November 18-20 Porchester Hall (Bayswater), London, UK 6th London International Tango Festival website
  November 24-27 Freiburg, Germany Tango Freiburg Festival website
  November 28-Dec 2 Ankara, Turkey Ankara Tango Carnaval website
  December 7-9 Bucharest, Romania Bucharest White Tango Nights website
  December 27-29 Amsterdam, Holland Tangomagia, MagiaMarathon website
  December 27-29 Milano, Italy Milano Tango Marathon website
  December 27-31 Rimini, Italy Tango Fusion - 1 Festival Adriatic Coast 2008
  December Dec 28- Jan 3 Austerlitz, Netherlands 16th International Taboe Tango Camp website





Tango Festival List: Africa


  Month Date ( approxi- mate) Where Name of the festival and some information Links
  Nov 26 - Dec 4 Lamu, Kenya Lamulonga 2011 Tsavo Safari & Tango Festival website


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E-mail me

( I am sorry, I do not put festivals in the list unless asked )

( Note !!! I link only to FESTIVAL websites and pages, not to regular dance websites. If you want a festival webpage to be linked to, BE CAREFUL IF IT IS IN A FRAME! I will link TO THE PAGE NOT TO THE FRAME !!! It means if you do not have navigation links from your page, user will not be able to navigate to your site ! )

Argentine Tango Festivals are the best way to progress in dancing. They are not as good for beginners as for intermediate and for advanced dancers, but for beginners they are very inspiring. The festival atmosphere when everybody are into Tango is rarely happens on regular milongas. They are true celebrations of spirit when participants are not passive watchers but more than active actors on the scene.

Other good tango links.

Other tango festivals-information websites:

My name is Igor Polk. I dance and teach argentine tango in San Francisco. I like and dance all styles of tango. All 6 of them.
Argentine, Argentin Tango, Argentinian Tango, Tango Argentino, Milonguero style.

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