Workshops in Palo Alto JCC,
November 20, 2006...

More Ruben and Teressa pictures are here: Milonga workshop and here: New milonga at Alberto's, and here: Tango Pauses lesson

Attention! This photo is Copyrighted ! You must ask my permission to use it - Igor Polk.
Ruben Milonga dancing with Teressa in Palo Alto, 2006



...went very well !!! Thank you all the participants ! Ruben is an amazing teacher proved himself once more. Here are several photos of Ruben dancing with Teressa in the Auditorium after the practica. You can find the flyer of the event below.



Tango Feet

Ruben Milonga dancing with Teressa

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Workshop 1,
7:00 PM Very Simple Milonga 1
Workshop 2,
8:15 PM How to dance to D'Arienzo music 1.5 hours
Practica from 10:00 PM  

Who is Ruben Milonga. A tango dancer, teacher, and historian from Buenos Aires. Ruben 'Milonga' was born and grew up dancing tango in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Ruben is an ‘old guard' milonguero and respected historian of tango who brings a wealth of experience and information about tango styles, music and customs to his classes. He is widely-known as a very generous and precise teacher, and exciting dancer. His knowledge is vast, his embodiment of the tango deeply passionate and original. Ruben's classes focus on musicality, balance, connection, simplicity and economy of movement as needed on crowded dance floors.

Price: $20 for one workshop with pre-registration. $25 without pre-registration. Please, e-mail to to register. We'd like to know your name and experience level. It will help Ruben to arrange a better lesson for us. Some discounts apply. Practica is free for participants, otherwise $5.

Information, registration (and the author of this text): Igor Polk, 510-582-8711,, 510-610-8711. Ruben was dancing tango when I was not born yet. I have attended many Ruben's classes and I was always overwhelmed by quality and intensity of his teaching. Here is what I wrote about Ruben in 2005: " I took all of Ruben's lessons ..and I got complements from my partners right away - I dance better. His knowledge is very deep, very systematic. He builds perfect workshops packed with material and great performance. ..I was looking for such a teacher for years! "

Where: 4000 Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303-4760. Auditorium. Cubberley / Greendell Campus. See the bottom of the map. 3 Minutes from 101. Google Map ( turn into the campus at Montrose Ave ). Auditorium is on the right as soon as you enter the parking lot.

Organization. This event is organized by Palo Alto JCC Tango Club. Visit our page to find out more about it. This event is for all Argentine Tango dancers of San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is what I wrote about Ruben in 2003.  Back to Palo Alto JCC Tango