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This is one of the smaller downtown streets of the city, a way to Rincon Center from PortSide buldings. You are in front of PortSide building. Bay Bridge is just took off behind it. Here you can turn left of right.. ( more text is below )

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If you tunr left.. you can see more of Bay Bridge construction details, pass under the Bay Bridge, and get to the Spear Street. In the next block after Harrison Street, on the right, you can see "Smile" statue by J. Seward Johnson Jr.

At Howard Street you can see people lunching at the 160 Spear Street patio, and turn right into west entrance to Rincon Center. The Cosmopolitan Cafe is right here. There you can see the Rincon senter patio, towers and enter the center. Use [Esc] key to come back. It allows you to see more in this internet version.

Inside Rincon Center you can see the famous waterfall. Getting through the Post Office lobby, you exit back to Spear Street. Market Street is a block away.

If you turn right.. you'll get under the Bay Bridge. Moving along the Embarcadero north you reach a view with Rincon Center towers.

Do not miss Aurora, sculpture by Ruth Asawa. Then you will get to San Francisco Ferry Terminal plaza and see the Mahatma Gandhi memorial.


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