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At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. This tour shows you the area around the museum, but not inside.

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Yerba Buena Gardens are behind you. There are at least 4 ways from here to go around Moscone Center to close the circuit. All of them are to the right. The place at Market Street where a cable car turn table is is one block to the left but this tour does not lead there.

Come close to the entrance and turn right. At the corner of Howard and Third Street you can..

turn left. This way leads all around Moscone Center South to the carousel. At the corner of Folsom and 3rd there is St. Francis Place apartment complex. Turn right to Folsom there.

If you move to the next place, you can turn and climb the stairs there. You get to the ice skating rink. Look inside. Then, if you keep left, you will get to the carousel in between yellow buildings. If you turn right now again, you will get to the playground with a wonderful view of Hotel Marriott. Surroundings are very colorful. Use [Esc] to come back, it helps to move farther in the internet version of the tour. There you can jump directly on overpass, observe Zeum, and proceed to the Gardens.

or turn right. There is one way to carousel here, and 2 ways directly to the gardens. Moscone Convention Center South right in front of you. If you ..

jump to the terrace at the center, you get to Zeum, carousel, and stairs up to the overpass toward Yerba Buena. turn right once more, you get to the entrance to the Moscone North. Turn right again, jump on another overpass, and you appear on the north terrace. If you go forward from here, you pass the entrance, climb up the stairs and get to the terrace in another place closer to Metreon.

So many routs are here, but reality is even more intricate. This place is a marble of modern architecture. It was designed in 1950s and promoters went through the numerous law suites in order to build it. Moscone was a major of San Francisco at that time. Surprisingly he opposed construction of the complex which now carries his name.


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