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A street of souvenir shops and small tourist attractions. Stretched along the piers, the street connects all part of the Fishermans Wharf

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We are at the west end of Jefferson Street near Hyde Street, Aquatic Park, and Ghirardelli Square. Walking through the Cannery you return to Jefferson at Leavenworth. There are plenty of street performers around. Some of them just scary, some are very talented, like this one at Steelhead Brewing restaurant. There are numerous souvenir shops along the street and restaurants like Joe's.

At Taylor Street there is main sign of San Francisco Fishermans Wharf. Here you can turn left and walk through a cluster of seafood restaurants like Alioto's and Fishermen's Grotto No.9. Crabs are everywhere. You come to the Red and White Fleet Bay Cruise and Ferry Terminal. Here you can tour around Pier 45 on the left and around or move forward to Pier 41 and to Pier 39.

If you moved forward at Taylor, you stroll along "After the Quake. Shopping Zone" entrance, "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" Museum, Wax Museum entrance, Rainforest Cafe. There are plenty of street artists of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. Finally, you come to Pier 41 area.

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