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June 17, 2010. E-mail: Igor Polk.

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On June 17, Igor and Cecilia danced on the streets of Palo Alto giving a little show of 10 tango dances. 3 dances: Modern Social Tango, Tango Orillero, Vintage Tango Salon were not recorded. Here are the rest of the dances. I would like to present all of them to you, since each contains elements not found in other dances. Click on the link to view the video on YouTube.

Sensual Tango in Close Embrace with Apilado elements:

Posture I am with you Milonguero Step Leg Wrap Leg Wrap Apilado Catch Cross is coming


Tango Canyengue. Close Embrace:

Canyengue Step 2 Cross Boleo Corte

Tango Vals done in a simple social manner, no thrills of any sort. Open Embrace:

Giro Sacada

Simple, elegant, slow Milonga with some street pepper. The only Ocho Cortado in the whole series of the dances can be found here. We can dance milonga much crazier, I hope to film it one day for you.. Close Embrace:

Together Quebrada Milonga Embrace

We are not most proficient in Nuevo style, so this is rather traditional tango danced to electronic tango music. Even we could do it better on the better pivoting floor ( we danced on linoleum ). Anyway, here it is for your review:

Double Boleo Boleo Sacada Milonguero Step

The simplest tango. Igor invited a volunteer and she danced with him a tango. Yes, as we have found she is obviously a dancer, but not tango. Never the less, here are some wonderful figures anyone can learn right from this video. Questions? Ask Igor:

Simple Tango

Tango Salon in Open Embrace:




Needless to say that the whole show was improvised on spot.

This was a wonderful evening! Dancing felt good and this hour of dance was the most enjoyable to us. We understand that we are far from theoretically perfect. We know more, and are anxious to covey you what amazing things we are discovering in tango. Come and research this wonderful dance with us !

Palo Alto Online News wrote couple words about the event and put some photos.

Thank you for your attention !

Very many thanks to Boris who filmed this videos !

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