Cuddle Party and Argentine Tango - the Art of Touch

Igor Polk, 2004 September 11

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We need cuddling. Since the day we are born a warm touch heals us. In this cold practical abusive world who would care about us besides ourselves?

So the cuddle parties are born. Out of youth pajama parties. People gather dressed in childish ( not sexy! ) pajamas with pillows under their arms. "Crying and giggling are both welcomed and encouraged". Easy. They are not unified with any other idea than feeling open and embracing and touching each other. This is it, but as the founder Reid Mihalko discovered, it is what people are in need these times.

To my surprise these harmless cuddle parties got a lot of media attention: Time Out New York, GQ, Instinct Magazine, FMH, Star Magazine, television: ABC, TV Asahi, RTL German Television, newspapers. Wow! For a small thing like this so much attention!

People are hungry not only for cuddling. They are hungry for friendly open atmosphere which unifies them together in one big family, a tribe, open and forgiving anyone's advantages and weaknesses.

Mihalko explains: "I want to create a safe space for touch, which doesn't exist unless you're paying someone or in a relationship" [Time Out New York]. Well, he does not know about Argentine Tango! Touch is a quintessential element and basis in Argentine Tango. It forms a relationship between complete strangers and does not require anything else.

Argentine Tango is to the great extent the art of touch which leads to the art of embrace. We touch each other with our palms, arms, shoulders, chests, abdomens, heads, cheeks, backs, hips, legs, fingers, and feet. We do not pay each other, and there is no relationship between us other than we are together in a dance. Art of touch is a complex and great undertaking, but it pays off when in stepping around a room we with our minds and feelings dissolve in music in the greatest ecstasy.

At Argentine Tango parties we are not dressed in pajamas. We are dressed in dignifying sexy clothes. We do not bring pillows. We bring beautiful shoes. We are allowed to drink. As much as we want. We do not refuse sex. Tango is "a sex in vertical position". We are surrounded by friends, sensual music, and intimate light. There is no giggle. We do not need to. We are touched and embraced by feelings and hearts.

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My name is Igor Polk. I dance Argentine tango in San Francisco.

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