Strong Lead in Tango

Igor Polk, September 22, 2007

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The lead. Antonyms: Strong and Weak, right?

There is only one way for the good lead: Strong. Weak lead is not lead.

Strong but gentle and sensitive.

It can be soft or sharp, insisting or freeing.

But it is always strong.

Strong lead does not mean rough, it does not mean unconsidering, it does not mean inexperienced, it does not mean "not with the rhythm", it does not mean shaky, it does not mean uncomfortable. Opposite to all of that.

But lead is strong. Otherwise it is not lead.

Good Strong Lead is gentle, sensitive, soft or sharp, considering, done with the great deal of experience, knowing what to do, precisely with rhythm, very stable, very comfortable, giving clear signals, playing with the woman's resistance, surprising her, carrying her, freeing her for anything she wants, moving her body and soul. That what it means - Strong Lead.

And by the way, men - do not forget to dance while you are leading !
Otherwise it is not a dance.  

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"My least favorite leaders are the tentative insecure ones. Their leading is weak. Weak core, spaghetti arms, muddy cues, weak axis, weak balance, weak grounding. They either are too weak or too aggressive in their leading, both signs of lack of confidence. So, essentially, weakness in leading is not masculine. Lack of confidence is not masculine. Worse of all are leaders who can't stop apologizing.."

-- Caroline Polack, One who "has been to our sacred Buenos Aires and so therefore, "know" what tango really is", Oct 5, 2007


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Igor(me) said previously: "Steering with arms is a feature of a Weak Lead no matter how paradoxically it sounds."

I take it back, sorry. Steering is NO LEAD.

Week lead means a guy is on the right path to the good strong lead, but still too weak - unclear, not enough energy, not percise, forgetting about the lady. Just a bit more work - and he will improve! Become Strong.

-- Igor

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