Ways to make an Ocho Pivot in Tango

Igor Polk, April 18, 2007, updated July 13, 2009

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2009, October 16
Now I know 20 ways to make a pivot in Tango.

2009, July 13
I know 16 ways to make an ocho pivot in Argentine Tango.

2007, April 18
I know 12 ways to make an ocho pivot in Argentine Tango.

Sorry, I have removed the description of what these 12 ways are. I'd be happy to show it to anyone in person. Then, practicing them yourself with me, you will understand it and understand the imporance of knowing them all. Sorry for inconvenience. All these 12 ways are essential to know if you want to dance in a variety of ways: from Canyengue and Orillero to Salon and Nuevo. All of them are useful for men too.

For the classes visit Zina Tango Club.

In any pivot many methods work altogether. Therefore it is important to know all of them. In specific styles some methods are more prominent. It goes for men as well as for women.

A partner is not used neither to push from nor to maintain your balance: practicing against the wall is useless and dangerous for fixation of some bad habits like pushing from a man to make pivot. Practicing against the wall can easy lead to obtaining a habit of breaking the embrace. Breaking the embrace is a mistake a dancer should never make.

Even if a lady performs ochos well, sometimes a man can give her more energy, as a supplement, to make the dance more interesting. It goes for Orillero as well as for Salon. Whatever she uses for pivoting, her partner feels it. It is perfection of her movement, sensitivity to the lead, acceptance of energy, and her own energy splashing in her body which make the dance great. Whatever energy a woman received from a man, it must be redirected to her method of pivoting so that it is not lost. For example a man's energy can be used to "charge" the "spiral" which then unwinds in pivot. That is the great skill a woman should look for.



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