Tango’s Mask, by Joy L. Choate

by Joy L. Choate, June 11, 2007. Poetry.

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June 9, 2007

Tango’s Mask

Behind Tango’s mask,
       Space yearns for her body;
       Silence waits for conversation.
Eyes roam forward, backward, sideways,
       Looking here, now there.
       Where is she?
Mouth twitches upward, wondering.
       Hand touches hand;
       Embrace listens like oceans feeling oceans.
Vibrating ears send new signals:
       Bodies now command brains.
       Muscles push against waves.
Resistance clears debris.
       Psyche returns charm for charm.
       Grace heals protected sores.
Feet feel familiar:
       Leather to leather,
       Slow, fast, kissing past each other.
Time flies like oysters making pearls,
       Tango mask falls from his face.
       Resurrection again.






The goddess Psyche. The three graces: Three Goddesses of Charm and Good Humor. Like the MUSES, they inspire artistic creativity. The daughters of APHRODITE and DIONYSUS (and/or ZEUS and EURYNOME), their names are AGLAIA, the Radiant, EUPHROSYNE, the Joyful, THALIA, the Flowering.

Published with permission

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