Igor Polk, April 14, 2007

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Ghosts. They are around us all. And they are all around us. They can not be seen easily: they are not usual in our life. But if you look, you will find them. With some training you will be able to see them everywhere.

There are fake ghosts and there are real ghosts. Fake ghosts are illusions of ghosts brought upon us by our ignorance, luck of knowledge, and powerful organizations trying to hide what the real ghosts are the remnants of. Ghosts are the fragments of the great struggle. [The struggle for and in our brains. ]

Are the ghost after us? Fake ghosts are. Real ghosts... It depends how you take them. If you just see them - they are harmless. If you are trying to understand them - you are getting in interaction with them - and they may take their tall. But if you are able to see them - you are already trying to understand them. Otherwise you would not notice them. So they are dangerous - they got into your brain and start to live there. Will you accept them as allies or as enemies is up to you. As enemies they are harmless. As allies - they are unpredictable. They lead you away from your own and no one knows where you are going to end. Remember - ghosts are warriors who lost. They may be hunted by powerful enemies who do not want anyone to know about them. What ghosts are good at - they uncover you the truth. The truth about yourself and the world you live in. Do you want it? Fake ghosts are there to hide the truth and to introduce illusion. There is a battle between fake and real ghosts. The battle for you ! Fake ghosts battle for you. Real ghosts do not care, they run away. You can not help them. But they can sometimes help you by discovering of the truth.

The more ghosts you see and observe, the more you are trained to find. One real ghost can uncover you a battalion of the fake ghosts. It might be of some distant use to you. But then it may call fake ghosts upon you. It is your fate what happens next and what you path might be.

There are two kinds of real ghosts: a ghost from the past and a ghost from the future.

What happens when you see a ghost. If you accept it, it is enlightening. If you reject it, you deepen into darkness.

What form do they take? A ghost can take any form. You know that, don't you? So you will not be surprised to see a ghost as a beam of light, as a stone, as an old car, as a broken branch, as a rusty knife, as a trace in desert, as an old disc. You will not be surprised to see a ghost in trash, in a movie, on the street, on a photo, between lines in a book, in a musical suite, and even as a human. Even a word can be a ghost. Not to speak about forgotten symbols. But strangely of all, there are ghosts in you own memory.

So, what are they? To understand it, you have to understand who are you. You have physical properties: your body, legs, arms, energy. You have your brain with its mental and emotional powers. You have your memory, your knowledge and skills. You interact with other people. These interactions is a part of yourself. These are your wealth. Also you interact with systems and organizations. You do it through all other properties you posses: physical, mental, knowledge, skills, emotional, through contacts with people and mere material things which by common laws and customs are assigned to you. Thus you are the universe. As you can see, almost all of it is concentrated in your mind  - the central piece of your-being. You are surrounded by other people and organizations. You are used to it. You accept the order of things. You know how it works and how it feels. For you. But it is not always like this. It was not always like this. And Things change. They break, their parts are left behind. Ghosts are these things.

And things are these way - for you. For you as you are now. For someone else - things are different. A ghost can be a shadow of other's people's universes.

How to find ghosts. Be very observant in anything you do. You know that ghosts can take any form. You have to know a lot. If you know a lot, you might be able to see behind the things and feel the depth ( or shallowness ) behind them. And then you will be able to ask a question: Oops, something strange is here - NOT AS USUAL, NOT WHAT IS IN A NORMAL FLOW OF THINGS. When you feel like that, it is a sign a ghost is near you. Ghosts are often in between old, broken things. But sometimes they hide in unexpected places, and even ghosts from the past can sneak to the places where ghosts from the future usually habit and even where no ghost are allowed.

You live in a world and you are surrounded by mirrors which reflect what you are able to see, what you want to see, and what others want you to see. When you see a ghost, if you are tempted, you can look where it came from. Look behind the mirror !


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