San Francisco Tango Orchestra at El Valenciano

Igor Polk, 2006 July 25

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El Valenciano - one of the best SF tango clubs



Usually El Valenciano attracts the best tango dancers. The atmosphere, bar, perfect music create natural feeling of Buenos Aires milonga.

Today it was a special time even for El Valenciano. Roman Rosso, an argentinean bandoneonist and arranger led the San Francisco Tango Orchestra performed life for the whole evening for our demanding dancers. Original arrangements, perfect rhythm of old music filled the room.

What was played? Carlos Di Sarli, Pedro Laurenz, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Julian Plaza, Astor Piazzolla.

Musicians: Bandoneon: Roman Rosso, Dom  Bhuphaibool & Julian Ramil, Violin: Michael Thomas & Roy Tse, Piano: Michael Parsons, Contrabass: Charles Bocchetti. Here is the website.

El Valenciano:
El Valenciano Milonga

Roman Rosso


Julian Miller at El Valenciano Julian Miller, the host of El Valenciano milonga plays bandoneon.

Tango dancing Tango Dancers

Roman Rosso: Roman Rosso

Tango Trio  At El Valenciano - Tango

El Valenciano Bar

Yes, these pictures were taken by a good professional camera and a pretty good photographer. But, I guess, the group did not want to get photographed, so they switch the lighting off. It was practically dark. Much darker than you feel looking at the pictures. And I take pictures, of course, without any flush. On H1-2 setting, with reasonable speed, Nikon D100 produces images you see. Well, at least it is something..

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2007 May 4

Here is the message I have received today:

..On April 30th, Roman Rosso, the director/arranger of the San Francisco Tango Orchestra past away. Those of you who had the opportunity to meet him and feel his music during our summer performances in 2005 & 2006 know that he was very passionate, inspirational & kindhearted man. As a founder of the first ever San Francisco tango orchestra, he made a remarkable contribution to the Bay Area Argentine tango community. He will truly be missed..


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