Here are some pictures from Denver Tango Memorial Day 2006

Just several photos

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Denver 2007



Friday Milonga at Mercury Cafe. I've got there by 1am Pacific time: my plane was cancelled, so I spent the day in the airports instead of tangoing. Guess what? It was 2 by local time! I was lucky - they played 50 minutes more. I 've met there a friend waiting for me, and she wanted to go home just when I walked in.
.Mercury Cafe Argentin Tango, Denver

A woman in orange dress is Liya, an amazing and very versatile dancer: she can dance everything and every dance is different with her.Argentine Tango in Mercury Cafe, Denver

Here is the view from one of the Double Tree Hotel windows ( not mine ). View of Denver Downtown from Double Tree hotel

Picnic in the park. A lot of good food.
Tango Dinner

This is the place to picnic! A lot of dancing space!Tango at the Pavilion

Unforgettable milonga!
Tango at the Pavillion

This is a view of the pavilion outside.. The Pavillion in Denver

..And inside:

Bravo! Oh what a good dancers are in this picture!!!
Tango Crowd

Swing break: Tango DJ Dan Boccia

Some more pictures:
Together to TangoTango EmbraceRed Tango GeniusDenver Fountain

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My name is Igor Polk. I dance Argentine tango in San Francisco.

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