Grand Tango Ball of Tango Fireworks Week. Saturday 5, 2003

Igor Polk, 2003 July 7

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This Saturday I have been to LA at the Grand Tango Ball of Tango Fireworks Week. Look who performed with the music of Color Tango Orchestra which is considered now the best live Argentine Tango orchestra in the world.

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne;
Carlos Copello & Jorgelina Guzzi;
Milena Plebs & Ezequiel Farfaro;
Julio Balmaceda & Corina De La Rosa;
Aurora Lubiz & Jorge Firpo;
Diego Di Falco & Carolina Zokalski;
Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau;

All the brightest stars. Gustavo who is a founder of modern Tango Nuevo and Giselle Anne who is one of the best dancers were perfect. Every tango dancer must see them. Gorgeous Carlos and Jorgelina. Old close embrace style, canyengue, energy. Milena and Ezequiel Farfaro, what a beautiful couple. Fantastic Julio and Corina De La Rosa. Oh, my god, what a dance !!! ( March 2005, their 2 dances were their best I have seen EVER! January 2006. Still holds. ). Aurora and Jorge. Power and speed. Gracious Diego and Carolina. Forever young Gloria and Eduardo. Oldest, most experienced couple, dancing worldwide for about 50 (!) years. Well, you know them. More about performers is at TANGO FIREWORKS 2003

14 best dancers in the world. 7 couples. Performed 2 dances each. Unbelievable. Unforgettable. Even more, at milonga everybody had chance to dance with them. It was probably most powerful group of Tango dancers and teachers ever assembled together in one evening. At least in California. All that was happening just 400 miles from here.

I had expected to see whole San Francisco there. No. Just a handful of dedicated Tango aficionados. What a regret. In Bay Area we have a lot of very good dancers ( people say, oh, you are form San Francisco ! You have so many good dancers there !), a lot of wonderful milongas, but still.. Well, whatever the reasons were, it is over. You missed it!

A DVD is produced containing 2 dances of each couple and what they have taught. This DVD could be a crown jewel of many tango collections. I have not seen anything so reach in content and breathtaking. I hope you still can order it here: The super video of Tango Fireworks 2003 E-mail to Linda Valentino about it. If you want to be a good tango dancer, you should have it. It worth hundred times it costs, modern enciclopedia of tango.

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About Tango Fireworks DVD.

Here is the address mentioned where I suppose you can order the DVD:
Jerry Minne
Video Magic

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