Why It Is Wrong to Look at Your Partner's Chest

Igor Polk, 2003 February 12

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The same way why it is wrong to look at the keyboard while typing, or to look at piano keyboard while playing music. A chest represents body, and body is an instrument in tango. You play with it with your lead and follow. Looking at the chest you create destruction for your tactile feelings. Movement of chest is visible. But body does not only move. It contains various forces, which are not visible, and therefore can not be perceived with sight. They can only be sensed with touch. Looking at chest is wrong. Do not look at chest !

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2006 January 15. This is extremely important! 5 years ago when I just started to learn tango, I was told to look at the partner's chest to predict her movements. Only now, 5 years later, I have notices that when I look at her chest, I actually, work with my tactile feelings, and not visual, so I am free now. It took 5 years for me to get rid of, no, to overcome this bad habit!

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