Argentine Tango with
Yanina Messina & Gennaro Perez Marino

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Dance Techique from Argentina for Tango, new Milonga, and Vals

If you study this technique as a leader or follower, all the steps you can lead or follow for tango, milonga, and vals, will be multiplied by 2 or 3, but what's most important is that this will not modify your dance style: Whether you dance tango de salon, tango nuevo, canyengue, open or closed embrace, you will be able to continue with the style of your preference. The skills you have learned will reveal new possibilities withing your own steps.

In the beginning there was a step..

With this technique you will have two or three different possibilities, which will increase your agility of improvisation, thys allowing you to create our personal dance style ( throught a solid knowledge of your possibilities).

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