Igor Polk & Teressa Tango Video

That is me Igor Polk. These are our tango dances with Teressa. All these dances are 100% improvised.

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More Tango Video with Igor Polk

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Playful Orillero-like Salon with Teressa

September 14, 2009

Boleo is an important element of Tango
"Wow, what an effortless mastery of the most complex tango figures !!!"


Smooth Salon

November 2008


2008, August 20. This dance demonstrates Energy and Drive.

Milonga from Alex S on Vimeo. 


Salon Style of Tango in Open Embrace

2008, August ( Picasa does not work well, I am very sorry. You might need to reload its page ( with F5 on Windows ) or come back to this page and click on the image below again to view the dance ).

Quebrada - Here Igor demonstrates his "invisible" lead and Teressa -- the great tango postures as responce.

Smooth Performance Milonga


Slow Salon Tango in Close Embrace

Old Tango


Canyengue 2

Canyengue, Apilado


Milonga going from very slow to very fast


Slow Tango where Igor and Teressa demonstrate their Smooth Invisible Sacadas

Sacadas ( there are 40 sacadas in this dance )

Very slow Tango where Igor and Teressa demonstrate their Smooth Half-Boleos, Contra-Balances, and leads to Cross:

Lead to Cross





Faster Compact Milonga

There are some traspies here..

Fast Milonga


Milonga with Smooth Rhythm

This is a demonstration at a "Secrets of Milonga Rhythm" workshop.

Masterful Milonga




[I update the following links soon, please, come back or write to me. Igor ]


"Very Simple" Milonga



"Tango Argentino" Performance

With very large steps. Sorry, poor quality, but that is the only record we have which documents us dancing in this style. Let us hope for more !



Tango Vals Performance




Some Tango Guests:

Chantal and Igor Polk: Deep Apilado Tango



Teressa and Robert Hauk. Robert Hauk is an American Milonguero.

Teressa & Robert Hauk


Igor Polk and Alison Hurwitz

This dance it a true improvisation to the highest degree, and it felt very very good thanks to amazing talent of Alison.


Candombe Tango with Ruben


Three tangos with Julia

Tango !

More Tango with Igor Polk


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