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Than you!

Dear Sirs and Ladies,   I am just amazed at the photos on this website, they are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of San Fransico.   They are just wonderful to look at every chance I get. You should be commended for you expertice!

-- Bob Schmidt

I went to California 2 years ago and I will never forget.  Your pictures brought back so many memories of my visit.  Your expertise is exseptional in Photography and this website is fantastic Thank you very much.

-- R

I am seeking directions to the TransAmerican building and found this website. First of all, this is a great information resource, and very well designed website.  Very useful, and appreciated... 

-- PJ Carness

I'm french so excuse me for the mistakes ! I love this cd, i wasn't sure about the quality when i ordered it but i can say it's fantastic ! It's like if i was in San Francisco, and give me much more courage to save money and take a plane to visit it for reality ! Continue like it and keep my updated !
Benjamin <benjbarriol@aol.com>
Valence, France - Friday, May 13, 2005 at 09:04:49 (CDT)

Thanks Mr.I.Polk,I' have S.F. CD...is very gut ! HAPPY NEW 2005 YEAR ! -- M.Bulat...

"I would like to commend you on an excellent virtual presentation of San Francisco!! I just got back from there today.., and was a little disturbed that I only had enough memory in my camera to take 14 pics. Your CD looks like an excellent way for me to get those pics I wanted to take, but couldn't. And, your virtual tour, is AWESOME. I would like to buy one of your CDs... What you are offering beets any $20 printed souvenir book. "

-- Pat Burke, Toronto

"I just received my CDROM today and am very pleased with it.  The pictures are great! Your website mentions that your recently posted photos of Mission Dolores might also be available for purchase on CDROM.  Can you me give me details?"
-- Keith O, Seattle, WA

" I visited and spent some time enjoying your Virtual Walking Tours and plan to come back for much more..
..Only a person with a true love for our beautiful city could take on such an awesome project as you have in creating your Virtual Walking Tours. I sincerely congratulate you on the hours of dedicated work you have spent bringing it to completion. "
" .. The photos make me feel like I am really there .. "
-- Marty Sohl, dance photography.
"  'An interactive photo documentary sightseeing tour' and with over 3,000 different pictures of the Bay Area -- its buildings, bridges and streets -- this is a most enjoyable sight! "
" hi! my mane's alessandra,I am from brazil Rio de Janeiro. At presente I am in university. I think that photos are wonderful I am following in love about this place. I had never been stayed there, but i hope to know one day! you are excelent photografer,to go ahead in your work, congradulations. "
-- Alessandra
" Golden Gate Bridge - Excellent photos "
" LOVE your site - especially moving around the photos - and just bought the CD. "
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American Trails Web Award 2004
American Trails Web Award 2004 in Category:
Trail tour or virtual visit


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" I am pleased to write that your site, San Francisco Virtual Walking Guide has earned the Healing Intent's Silver  "Intention 2004" Award. Your site scored 115 out of 150 in meeting the selection criteria. The layout, design and content of your site have a clean inviting quality that emits an air of adventurous appeal. The colors are lovely and your use of images is outstanding. Navigation is straight forward, titling and use of java and tables are well done. Your html code was good. Your content is presented in an inviting way and you provide a valuable service to the people of San Francisco and those who are interested in this fine city. "
-- June Kaminski, RN MSN PhD Candidate
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