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"Six Sisters" and other "Painted Ladies" Victorian houses are located here. The area of San Francisco has been declared "Alamo Square Historic District".

Please, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a tour around Alamo Square. It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.
[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto

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You start at the south part of the square looking east. Moving forward you approach the Six Sisters - one of the most visited places in San Francisco. You can come and look closer, then you stroll along them. At the stop sign you can look right. This is a view with City Hall dome.

Continuing along Steiner Street, you come to the intersection with Fulton Street. On the right side at the corner is a hotel called Archbishop's Mansion Inn. You can come a little closer and turn around, observe Painted Ladies from another angle, and come to the place were you started. To come back not loosing your levels use [Esc] key.

If you continue along the Steiner, you come to McAllister, and turn left there. Reviewing several houses there, you turn left on Pierce and return to the north part of Alamo Square park. At this place there are more views available with great cityscapes and Victorian Houses, look around. Walking through the park, you get where you started.

You are pretty far away from most attractions: 30-60 minutes for physically fit people. Continuing toward City Hall, you will get to Market Street. The way north leads to Fishermans Wharf. The way backward - west - leads to the Golden Gate Park, the way south - to Mission de Asis.

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